Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense Oil from Malki, Yarden

One of my favourite bath time indulgences is a good body scrub. Just like the face, our body needs a good scrub too and I use body scrubs twice a week to keep the skin soft. A good scrub ensures that the dead skin cells are sloughed off and your skin absorbs the body lotions/creams that you put on it. If you do not exfoliate then no matter how much body lotion/cream you apply, they will not give optimum benefit because your body is covered with dead skin cells. So, it is very important to smooth out rough, dry skin regularly. I have been using the Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense Oil for the past few weeks.

According to the brand "Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense Oil is a chemical-free fusion of 100% Dead Sea salts and Frankincense oil that boosts circulation, smoothes rough, dry skin - leaving skin silky soft and moisturised." Dead Sea salts have been used in numerous beauty treatments for thousands of years. The highly concentrated minerals work wonders on stressed skin, especially seeming to benefit sufferers of eczema and psoriasis. It is no wonder that products with Dead Sea Salts are quite loved. This body scrub from Malki that I am talking about is simply excellent. The texture is amazing - not very rough but grainy enough to give a good exfoliation and slough off all the dead skin. It is oily, so it moisturises well. The scrub contains purifying minerals like sulphur and nourishing calcium which are pumped deep into your skin’s pores to bring your body back into balance. It is definitely one of the best body scrubs I have tried in recent times.

But the best part about the body scrub is its fragrance. What a wonderfully refreshing scent the scrub has! It is warming, soothing and comforting. Frankincense  has been used in a variety of products over the centuries. I love candles scented with Frankincense and have also seen it being used in religious ceremonies. But this is the first bath-time product with a Frankincense scent that I have used. And I love it.

Wanna give it a try yourself? The Malki Dead Sea body scrub with Frankincense oil is priced at £7.79 per 300ml and is available in Boots stores nationwide.

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