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EQUIP+ ‘Waterless Wash’

Equip+, a new waterless wash range of pre-moistened wipes, wash mitts, protective wipes and a shampoo cap, was recently launched in Sainsb...

Equip+, a new waterless wash range of pre-moistened wipes, wash mitts, protective wipes and a shampoo cap, was recently launched in Sainsbury, Boots and Tesco. The Equip+ range has been designed for a range of situations - from taking care of young children to feeling fresh again while out travelling and when there are no proper facilities to clean oneself. I was sent the range to review a while back and when I first laid my eyes on the products, I was instantly drawn by the bright colourful packaging. The packaging looks so cheerful and inviting.

The Equip+ range includes four products:
- Super-Thick Wash Mitts
- Waterless Shampoo Cap
- Protective Wipes
- Oversized Wipes

First up are the protective wipes which are pre-moistened hygiene wipes that can be used even on intimate places. I always carry a small pack of wet wipes with my while travelling. These ones from Equip+ will be replacing my regular pack because 1. they are a larger size 2. they have been formulated with Canadian Willow Herb which is an anti-itch ingredient and 3. they smell nice.

The wash mitts are excellent. A good size that would fit everyone and these are perfect if you want a thorough wash. The mitts are made from spun lace and are quite thick and strong. They are moist enough to give a good clean without leaving you overly wet. I love the fact that only does it give a good clean but also leave you feeling refreshed.I can see them coming in very handy when we go camping.

The oversized wipes are exactly what they claim - oversized. Perfect for a thorough clean. These wipes have a blend of Coconut extract, Aloe vera and Karanja nut. Sounds luxurious, isn't it? The wipes are dermatologically tested and pH balanced, so they’re good on the skin as well. Like the wash mitts, these are also perfect for camping trips or on a boat holiday.

I haven't tried the shampoo cap yet because I want to put it to test in a real situation. I will share my views on that shortly. But the other three products are something that I would definitely repurchase myself. All of them would come in very handy on a holiday or camping trip. My favourite though are the wash mitts.

You can check out the entire Equip+ range here:

And before I end the post, here is something exciting for you. One lucky reader of DB Reviews can try out all the four products for free. Entry is easy, just enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!!

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