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Inis - the Energy of the Sea (Unisex Cologne)

Sea . Calm, choppy, rough, stormy, serene. The sea evokes different kinds of emotions in different people. For me the sea represents all so...

Sea. Calm, choppy, rough, stormy, serene. The sea evokes different kinds of emotions in different people. For me the sea represents all sorts of feelings - thrill, calmness, excitement, relaxation, wonder and above all energy. And today I bring to you a product that embodies this very essence of the sea; Inis - The Energy of the Sea, an authentically Irish unisex cologne.

Inis - The Energy of the Sea

One of the best-selling scents from the independent perfume house 'Fragrances of Ireland', Inis(means ‘island’ in Irish) is a clean unisex fragrance that captures the coolness, clarity and purity of the ocean in a bottle. The fragrance draws inspiration from the beauty and energy of the wild western coast of Ireland. Before I tell you my views on the fragrance let me share some information about the packaging and fragrance notes.

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes - Neroli, Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot and traces of Marine Notes.
Middle Notes - Geranium and Lily of the Valley.
Bottom Notes - Cloves, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Oak Moss and Musk.

The packaging is simplistic yet eye catching. The outer carton uses a blue on white combination. The bottle is a simple frosted one while the cap looks like a piece of sculpture! The cap also appears like a smooth pebble albeit a glass one. A lot of thinking seems to have gone into the design of the packaging as the colour and shape aptly relate to the sea. I like it. But what about the actual fragrance? How does that fare? Read on.

When I first tried Inis, I felt a cold, fresh and sharp fragrance. It felt like I was near a cold sea. The fragrance starts off with an aquatic, citrusy and airy vibe to it(a bit masculine) and settles into a mildly spicy note, still retaining its marine and freshness factor though. It is a very refreshing and crisp scent that stays true to its aquatic theme. If you are a lover of floral fragrances, you may find this a little strong. But if you give it a try, you will discover a lovely fragrance. You just need one tiny little spritz of Inis to enjoy it. I love it. I am also very happy with its staying power. It lasts a good 9-10 hours on me. Mr.H also tried Inis and he likes it too. According to him Inis is a wonderfully fresh and clean smelling cologne that lasts all day long.

To sum it up, Inis 'The Energy of the Sea':
- is a refreshing aquatic scent that represents the strength and energy of the sea,
- is an unisex fragrance,
- is not overly masculine nor too sweet,
- has good staying power,
- needs to be used sparingly,
- is a fresh & fragrant scent that always makes an impression.

Inis is available in 3 sizes: 30ml(£19.95), 50ml(24.95) and 100ml(£29.95) and can be picked up online on the Fragrances of Ireland website.

*PR sample

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