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Emollients for Eczema

Gifted | Contains affiliate links It is National Eczema Week from September 15-22, 2019. Eczema is a long-term, chronic condition...

Emollients for managing Eczema
Gifted | Contains affiliate links

It is National Eczema Week from September 15-22, 2019.

Eczema is a long-term, chronic condition that causes the skin to become dry, itchy, red, flaky and cracked. While it is more common in children, eczema can develop in adults as well. For some people it is restricted to certain parts of the body causing small patches of dry, itchy skin while in some people, it can be more widespread causing symptoms all over the body.

The exact reason why some people get eczema is not known but it seems to occur more in those who suffer from 'allergies'. There is no cure at present for atopic eczema and it does significantly impact the daily life of those suffering from it. Thus, it is very important to manage the condition once diagnosed. The main treatments for atopic eczema currently includes topical corticosteroids and emollients.

In this roundup, I have featured emollients from some popular brands. All the emollients (whether it a cream, lotion, body milk or gel) help soothe and hydrate the skin and can be used to help manage dry, itchy or scaly skin conditions which are caused because of eczema.

Sesderma Atopises Body Milk

Sesderma was founded in 1989 by Dr. Serrano and a team of professionals with a lot of experience in the dermatological and pharmaceutical fields. They were the first laboratory in Spain to launch creams with glycolic acid and the brand's Acglicolic line still remains very popular. Sesderma's product range includes products targeting skin concerns like acne, psoriasis, sensitive skin, blemishes, stretch marks, atopic dermatitis, rosacea etc.

Sesderma Atopises  Body Milk

The Atopises Body Milk is a daily moisturiser for atopic and extremely dry skin. It calms and relieves outbreaks and helps contain any potential secondary infection. By virtue of its emollient action and its excellent skin compatibility, the body milk keeps skin moisturised and protected. The key active ingredients in the body milk are Boswellic Acid (known for its anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties), Ceramides (helps with skin water retention), Tranexamic Acid and Vine Extract (helps maintain skin elasticity). The active ingredients together help prevent skin dryness and restore the hydro-lipid barrier relieving symptoms like inflammation, redness, itching etc. that are associated with atopy-prone skins.

What a fabulous product this one is! It smells absolutely great (delicate and natural) and only a small amount is needed to leave the skin feeling soft and fresh. Goodbye dryness! It is one of the best body milks we have ever used and is great for sensitive skin as well. Highly recommended.

Buy Sesderma Atopises here.

Hydrosil Cardiospermum Gel

Hydrosil's product range makes use of plant-based ingredients that are gentle and kind to skin and can be used on delicate areas such as the face and around the eyes. The main ingredient in all of Hydrosil's products is a plant extract called Cardiospermum halicacabum which is often referred to as ‘natural cortisone’. It comes from the seeds of a vine belonging to the plant family of Sapindaceae and contains active phytosterols which help to reduce itching by reducing the amount of enzymes and pro-inflammatory peroxides.

Hydrosil Cardiospermum Gel

Hydrosil's Cardiospermum Gel is a lightweight and non-sticky gel that brings relief from itching and skin irritation. It is free from parabens, SLS and perfumes. The product packaging suggests that it can be stored in the refrigerator and used straight from the fridge for an extra cooling effect and that is what we did. It has a lovely soothing and cooling effect on skin and calms down itching that is caused by very dry skin. When applied to damp skin immediately after a shower/bath, it also helps to lock in moisture.

The Cardiospermum Gel costs £9.95 for 100ml and is available to buy from

Epaderm Ointment and Cream

The Epaderm range has been specially developed by dermatologists for the management of dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis and is available as a cream and an ointment.

Epaderm Cream is a 2-in-1 emollient and cleanser that helps to effectively relieve the symptoms of dry skin. It has a non-greasy formulation that is easily absorbed into the skin leaving it hydrated and smooth. It is free from fragrances, colours and SLS and is suitable for all ages including babies. Mr.H has been trialling this and it has worked very nicely for his very dry skin, tackling the problem of flaking skin as well. The 'twist and lock' pump dispenser gets bonus points from us!

Epaderm Ointment and Cream

The ointment offers similar benefits but it is targeted towards very dry or cracked skin. It offers a 3-in-1 use - can be used directly on the skin, as a skin cleanser or as a bath additive. Because of its texture, it is best used as a night-time moisturiser as it can feel a bit greasy for day time use. Just like the cream, the ointment is also free from fragrance, colouring and SLS.

Epaderm products are available to buy from Boots, Tesco, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy etc. 

You can also order Epaderm Cream here and Epaderm Ointment here.

Atopiclair Nonsteroidal Cream

Atopiclair's products can be used by all ages - infants, children and adults but it has been clinically proven to be effective for mild to moderate cases of atopic dermatitis especially for children under the age of two. Atopiclair's products contain glycyrrhetinic acid, telmesteine, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, vitamin C, E and grape seed extract and come in two formulations - cream (for localised lesions or small areas) and lotion (for widespread areas).

Atopiclair Non-steroidal Cream

Atopiclair Cream is a thicker formulation compared to the lotion and works well for calming extreme itching. It can be used alone or in combination with other topical medications as prescribed by your doctor. The cream has a rich texture, feels good on the skin and also gets absorbed nicely. It relieves itching/scratching associated with Eczema and is a good cream to manage Eczema. It can also be used as a maintenance therapy for eczema-prone skin during remission.

Order Atopiclair Cream here.

Diprobase Daily Moisturising Cream and Itch Relief Cream

Diprobase are well-known for their product range targeted at dry/eczema prone skin. They have been in the market for over 30 years now and the product range caters for various dry and eczema-prone skin conditions. Featured in this roundup are two products: the daily moisturising cream and the itch relief cream.

Diprobase Daily Moisturising Cream and Itch Relief Cream

The Daily Moisturising Cream has prebiotics and provides long lasting moisturisation to restore and help strengthen the skin barrier. The cream is smooth and creamy, unscented and absorbs quite easily, leaving the skin soft. Great for keeping dry skin at bay for long periods. And it works well for sensitive skin as well (clinically tested and hypoallergenic).

The Itch Relief Cream is steroid-free and is clinically proven to aid itch relief within half an hour. The cream is works well in offering relief from itch caused by skin irritations like dry skin, atopic dermatitis, eczema and other allergic reactions. Used in combination with the daily moisturising cream, it helps keep eczema symptoms under control.

Order Diprobase Daily Moisturising Cream here and order Diprobase Itch Relief Cream here

MooGoo Irritable Skin Balm

Made with natural oils like Sweet Almond & Olive Oil and packed with soothing ingredients such as Aloe Vera & Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola), the Irritable Skin balm is lightweight, sinks easily into the skin, is easily absorbed and is great for sensitive, eczema prone skin. The balm is free from Paraffin, Parabens & Phenoxyethanol and helps to soothe red, dry and itchy skin.

MooGoo Irritable Skin Balm

The balm is suitable for babies & adults alike. Order MooGoo Irritable Skin Balm here.

Compare and order other Eczema Emollients here.

Note: The content on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your GP or other qualified healthcare providers with any queries you may have regarding a medical condition.


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