Flower Subscription Service from Prestige Flowers | The Paris Bouquet

Prestige Flowers started a Flower Subscription Service towards the end of last year and I was one of the lucky ones selected to review this subscription service. The first bouquet I received was the Orion bouquet which was delightful and then in December we received the Holiday Hat Box which was stunning to say the least. I have loved all the floral arrangements that I have received from them so far and the first bouquet of 2019 arrived last week and it was another exquisite floral arrangement. Take a look.

The Paris Bouquet from Prestige Flowers

Quality and chic storage solutions from Wesco

Wesco Loft Collection - The Single Elly
If you are looking for containers to store your cakes and bakes in style, then you need to take a look at Wesco's offerings. Wesco was established in 1867 in Sauerland, Germany. Their products are a testament of their skill and experience in metal manufacturing and come with distinctive designs, high-tech performance and the top-notch quality that you would expect from German products.

BetterYou Iron Oral Spray

BetterYou Iron Oral Spray

Iron plays a number of important roles in our bodies - one of the main ones being helping transport oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body. Typically we get the iron we need from foods like fish, eggs, lentils, beans, meat, tofu, spinach etc. Deficiency of iron causes iron-deficiency anaemia which if left untreated can result in serious health problems. Iron deficiency can be caused by a number of reasons - chronic health conditions, during pregnancy etc. In my case the cause of iron deficiency is heavy menstrual bleeding. For the last few years I have been taking iron supplements to ensure my iron levels do not fall any further.

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