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Timeless Truth Facial Beauty Masks - Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask and Multipeptide Revitalising Face Mask

I love face masks! I have said this many times on the blog and you will hear me repeat it for a long long time to come. I like all kinds of...

I love face masks! I have said this many times on the blog and you will hear me repeat it for a long long time to come. I like all kinds of face masks but my favourites for quite some time now have been the facial sheet masks. Sheet masks, as you must know, come in the shape of a face and are very easy to apply. They are pre-cut and have eyes, nose and mouth openings. The masks are infused with different types of active ingredients and target different skin concerns. I find sheet masks very convenient and hygienic to use; plus they are perfect while travelling as well.

Beauty Masks Ltd. recently sent an amazing collection of Timeless Truth Facial Beauty Masks to me. I received a mix of Timeless Truth's Fusion and Luxury masks and I thought it would be good to spread out the reviews over multiple posts. I did not want to cram all the mask reviews in a single post, so here I am beginning my review of Timeless Truth Masks with the first two masks I tried - Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask and Multipeptide Revitalising Face Mask.

Both these masks belong to the Fusion range. The Fusion range uses a new and unique patented system wherein the mask sheets have beneficial functions of their own aside from the serum they are soaked in. Active ingredients in powder form are impregnated into the mask cloth and this can be seen as the tiny coloured checks. So effectively these masks can be considered as a combination of serum and a powder providing a more effective skincare treatment.

Multipeptide Revitalising Face Mask (£4.95)
Key Ingredients: Palitoyl Hexapeptide, Co-enzyme-Q10, Vitamin E
Ideal for sensitive skin this mask is said to be moisturising and also restores the skin's elasticity. When I opened the pack, I found a sheet soaked in rich serum. It had a very mild and fresh fragrance. The mask felt lovely on application - kind of cool and comforting. I left it on for half an hour though the sachet suggests 15-20 minutes. The effects of the mask were noticeable after half an hour. It made my skin smoother with an even tone. Skin did feel pampered and revitalised. The effects can be attributed to two of the key ingredients: Vitamin E and Q10 which is known to stimulate collagen to increase elasticity. This is a good mask for maturing skin I feel. If you are concerned about visible effects of ageing then you should try this mask.

Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Facial Beauty Mask (£4.95)
Key Ingredients: Deep ocean water, Seaweed, Hyaluronic Acid
This mask is ideal for those with dry skin. It claims to reduce and avoid dark and uneven complexion. The mask had the same features as the previous one except for the colour of the tiny squares on the sheet which were a lovely sea blue. It also has a subtle 'marine' kind of fragrance and felt wonderful on the skin. Again I left this on for half an hour and my skin was smooth as silk. Since this was a moisturising mask I tested my skins hydration levels before and after applying the mask with HydraTest. Normally my skins hydration levels fluctuate between Dry-Dehydrated. I checked the hydration levels a couple of times after applying this mask and the HydraTest showed 'High' levels of hydration. I was so happy. My skin hadn't felt so supple and hydrated in a long time. Absolutely loved this mask. If you have dry/dehydrated skin, do give this mask a try.

Once you have removed the sheet masks from your face, you can use the sheet to massage the leftover serum on your face, neck or hands. Having used these masks, I can give you 2 tips. First, keep the masks in the fridge for half an hour prior to use. The cooling effect is amazing, particularly in this sultry weather. Second, keep a towel handy as the serum drips from the mask :)

Overall, I enjoyed both these masks. I used them both in the same week spaced 3 days apart and it did keep my skin in a better condition that week. I will share my views on the other samples soon.

*PR sample


  1. Haven't seen these full-faced masks before. Would have liked to see a before and after shot though.

    1. I didn't want to scare my readers with a shot of me with the mask :-)
      To be more honest a picture cannot capture the increase in hydration levels/smoothness of the skin. A better test is a gadget like the Hydratest that accurately tells the hydration levels and I used that.

  2. Looks like they are very useful, thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, they are convenient, hygienic and ideal for pampering your skin.

  3. I'm always scared to use masks on my face because my skin is so sensitive... However, I love spa treatments so perhaps I just need to treat myself! ;)

    1. The Multipeptide Revitalising Face Mask is meant for sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and it did not irritate my skin at all.