Beech's Fine Chocolates - The Original Dark Chocolate Marzipan

I have shared my thoughts on a number of offerings from Beech's Fine Chocolates over the past few months on this blog. It was only last year that I came across Beech's and now having tried out a few of their best sellers I have become a fan of Beech's chocolates. They always seem to win over the hearts of chocolate lovers with their products. I got the chance to try out yet another yummy product from their range recently - The Original Dark Chocolate Marzipan.

As always I loved the packaging of the chocolates. It looks classy and has a 'vintage-y' vibe to it. And the colour combination is just awesome. I loved the packaging so much, that it has inspired me to do a home DIY project based on the colour theme of the Marzipan box :)

The chocolates come in a 150g box with 14 pieces and are priced at £4.99 per box. The individual chocolates looked very glossy at first glance and we could not wait to get our hands on them. I had to hold off Mr.H and a cousin of mine from polishing off the chocolates before I finished with my photography :) I love dark chocolate and the combination of marzipan and dark chocolate was beautiful. The dark chocolate layer was perfect in thickness and complemented the sweet almond flavour. Mr.H who prefers milk chocolate to darker versions enjoyed these as well. He said that the unsweetened dark chocolate combined with the delicious buttery marzipan was a beautiful blend of flavours. The marzipan was excellent - neither too dry nor too firm and not overpoweringly sweet as is the case usually. It was just perfect.

Having tried a variety of chocolates from Beech's, we have come to associate this brand with real classic chocolates made with authentic traditional recipes. If you are a chocolate lover, you should try out Beech's chocolates. As always Beech's are giving the readers of DB Reviews to try their chocolates at 10% off. Use the code BFC24061410 at checkout to get 10% off your purchases.

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  1. We usually eat Marzipan during Christmas time.. i hv never had one like this.. looks so tempting!!


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