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HydraTest from BeautyPro - Skin Analysis in Seconds

* PR sample If you are crazy about skincare like I am, then this nifty little tool that I am featuring today on the blog is sure to in...

*PR sample

If you are crazy about skincare like I am, then this nifty little tool that I am featuring today on the blog is sure to interest you. When I was first offered the chance to try out the HydraTest from BeautyPro I almost said 'No'. I thought it was just another tool in the long list of skincare tools being launched every other day. And in any case I believed that I could very fairly judge my skins condition just by looking at/feeling it. Jackie from BeautyPro then explained about the tool to me - how it works and who can benefit from using it. Here was something that could test my skin anytime, anywhere and let me know if my skin was hydrated enough and/or if my skin needed a top up. And it would give accurate results unlike my guess work on my skins condition. I decided to give it a go. And I am so glad I did because this tool proved that I was not always right at judging my skins condition.

Figuring out your skin type can be tricky. Normally when I wake up in the morning the skin around my nose is a bit shiny. The rest of my face is usually normal i.e. no oiliness and no flaking. So I assumed it is combination skin type with my T-zone going oily. Again this changes with the seasons and based on my hormones as well. But overall I had a belief that my skin was fine(a little sensitive) and I was taking good care of it. With HydraTest some of the assumptions that I had regarding my skin have been tossed out of the window. I now know my correct skin type. It varies between Normal-Dry on most days even though there is no visible flaking or dryness. At times the hydration levels are low making the skin dehydrated. Having this tool at my disposal means I am now able to take better care of my skin. And that makes a huge difference.

How does HydraTest work?

So, what exactly is HydraTest and how does it work, you might ask. HydraTest by BeautyPro is a tool that measures hydration and oil levels of your skin. It utilises the latest BIA technology (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) to provide you with accurate and precise information about your skin. This is the same technology that is used in larger medical and beauty equipment in beauty salons and aesthetic clinics.

The product box contains:
  • HydraTest Skin Analysis Device
  • A skin analysis Guide
  • User Manual and
  • 1 AAA Battery
Operating the tool is very easy. Insert the battery into the compartment at the rear to bring the tool to life :) HydraTest looks just like a pen - a very fancy one though. It has a protective cap in the front which protects the skin testing sensors. The main body has a LCD display and a Measurement button. Press the Measurement button once and the device will power up and conduct a self test. Once it is ready it beeps. Now you place the sensors onto the skin area that you want to test. Hold it in place for a few seconds you will hear another 'beep' Now you can check the LCD display for the readings and reference it with the skin analysis guide.

What the readings mean?

The LCD displays 2 readings - Oil level and Hydration level. The oil level in the skin is represented by bars. 1 bar means low oil levels, 2 bars mean medium oil levels and so on till the last level(5 bars) which indicates an excessively oily skin. The hydration levels are displayed in percentage. Anything less than 31% denotes dehydrated skin. The normal hydration levels are between 37-41%

I have been using the HydraTest for around 4 weeks now. I religiously check my skins condition morning and night. I have tested it on different parts my face and body and it surprised me initially as to how the hydration and oil levels differ from each region. Initially the results were not what I expected either. Although my face looked normal with no flakiness or tightness, it turned out to be dry. On very hot days the readings also showed that my skin was dehydrated and I took appropriate measures to hydrate it. Mr.H was very intrigued when this tool arrived and even he has been using it for the past few weeks. Surprisingly his skin is much better hydrated than mine :)

Overall, the HydraTest has been a very helpful tool in my skincare regime. Like I said earlier the skins condition changes everyday whether due to external factors or internal changes(hormonal). Knowing your skin type is the first step to using any skincare product and with HydraTest on hand I now know which products will work best for my skin on any given day. I have been maintaining a journal of my skin analysis readings and after 4 weeks the data really gives me an insight into my skins health - when my skin is at its best, when it tends to go oily and so on.

To sum it up if you have an interest in skincare and/or have problem skin then HydraTest is the tool you need. Even if you are blessed with problem-free skin, HydraTest will assist you in your skincare routine. Spend a few minutes every day using the HydraTest and it will help you take better care of your skin. So ladies, what do you think of HydraTest? Would you use something like this as a part of your skincare regime?

You can find out more or purchase the BeautyPro HydraTest(£49.17) here.

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