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Just Crisps and Just Oil Rapeseed Oil

I recently had the opportunity to review the entire range of Just Crisps along with some virgin and infused Rapeseed Oils from Just Oil . ...

I recently had the opportunity to review the entire range of Just Crisps along with some virgin and infused Rapeseed Oils from Just Oil. I had not heard of these 2 brands until a while back. The Just Oil range is produced by the Froggatt family on their farm in Hill Ridware in the heart of Staffordshire. Potatoes along with many other crops are grown on the farm as well. These 100% British potatoes are sliced with their skins on and batch cooked in Rapeseed Oil and then reach us as Just Crisps.

Just Crisps are available in 6 varieties: Mature Cheddar & Red Onion, Sea Salt & Apple Balsamic Vinegar, Sea Salt, Jalapeno, Sea Salt & Black Pepper and the Unsalted version. These crisps come in packs of 40g as well as in 150g share bags. Both myself and Mr.H enjoy crisps and found these amazing. Everything from the texture to the taste and the crunchiness in each bite was perfect. Each and every flavour was spot-on. We loved it. While all the 6 variants were lovely, both myself and Mr.H had one favourite - Just Crisps with Jalapeno. What an awesome taste! A close second was the Just Crisps with Sea Salt and Black Pepper. If you would like to find out more about Just Crisps or a stockist near you, then have a look here.

The main product of the Just Oil range is the Cold Pressed Extra virgin Rapeseed Oil which is grown, harvested, stored, cold pressed, filtered and bottled on the Froggatt Family Farm in Staffordshire. The oil undergoes an unique triple filtration to give it an extra light flavour. Rapeseed oil is high in Omega 3 and contains half the saturated fat level of Olive oil. Rapeseed Oil is also suitable for high temperature cooking. I have been using the Cold Pressed Extra virgin Rapeseed Oil for roasting and frying and like it.

The Infused Rapeseed Oils are pure genius. There are 4 variants : Chilli Infused, Garlic Infused, Lemon Infused and Cold Oak Smoked. The Garlic infused oil is best for roasting veggies and also works well for dipping breads. The Lemon infused oil imparts a slightly tangy flavour and is best for shallow frying. I used it to shallow fry tofu :) Yum. The Oak smoked version, as you might have guessed, adds a lovely smoky flavour making it great for roasting I feel. The Chilli infused one was my favourite and I used it the most. It is very versatile and can be used for roasting, as a marinade, for shallow frying and even in salads. I came across a recipe for Quick Pickled Cucumber in one of the Tesco magazines and slightly modified the recipe to suit my taste. I used the Chilli infused oil in the recipe instead of White Wine Vinegar and the Cucumber pickle turned out delicious.

Here is my modified recipe: Heat 3 tbsps. of the Chilli Infused Rapeseed Oil. Stir in a few mustard seeds and once it crackles, pour it over the sliced cucumbers. Season with salt and red chilli flakes. Add a drizzle of lemon juice and the quick cucumber pickle is ready :)

The Just Oil website has a recipe section if you interested. You can check the local stockists for Just Oil here or alternatively order both the oil and the crisps online on Amazon.

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  1. I love trying chips from smaller makers. You just get tired of the Lays brand and need something different (and usually better). These look fantastic!

    1. You should give these a try. These are proper traditional crisps and taste yum.

  2. Those chips look yummy!! Bet the taste-testing was fun. :)