Gold Collagen - Have You Tried It?

With a string of celebrities endorsing it, Gold Collagen - an anti-ageing drink that claims to get rid of wrinkles has been much talked about on the blogosphere. This liquid food supplement (much like Skinade) contains your daily dose of collagen and works from the inside unlike topical applications that work on the skin externally. Since the drink goes straight into our blood system, its effects tend to last longer the makers claim. I came across Gold Collagen at the recently held Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show 2014.

Gold Collagen is said to boost the skins natural collagen production thus counteracting the signs of natural ageing from the inside. Gold Collagen comes in 2 variants - 'Pure' which is a supplement for healthy skin and hair and 'Active' which is aimed at individuals with an active lifestyle and which also offers supports for joints and muscles. Both the variants use Tilapia Fish as the source of collagen. According to the makers, taking the drink once daily for a month or longer will show good benefits. While I have not tried it out for a long duration to be able to comment on its intended effects or benefits, I can certainly tell you about its taste :-) Like Skinade which I trialled for 4 weeks, I kept the Gold Collagen bottles too in the fridge as I find such drinks are more palatable when chilled. Gold Collagen has a fruity(peachy) kind of taste and is slightly tart. Each bottle contains 50ml of the supplement and is literally like a 'shot'. On the taste front - I liked it.

You can read more about the complete ingredients list and the nutritional information here. You can purchase Pure Gold Collagen from Boots and Holland & Barrett. You can also buy it online from Gold Collagen's website costing £35.99 for 10 bottles. I would probably try it regularly, if I could afford it.

What do you think? Would you try it or have you already tried it? I would love to know your thoughts, so do leave a comment below.

Post contains PR sample.

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  1. oh my god.. reduces wrinkles really? such an interesting product,........ nicely reviewed Dee :)


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