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Skinade for Healthy Skin from Within

As we age, we begin to lose natural collagen and this results in wrinkles, fine lines and a dull complexion. There are lots of anti-aging ...

As we age, we begin to lose natural collagen and this results in wrinkles, fine lines and a dull complexion. There are lots of anti-aging topical applications that help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and I myself have used a lot of such products. Today, however, I am here with something different; something that aims to give you lovely, healthy skin from within -  Skinade.

Skinade for Healthy Skin from Within

Skinade is a drink that works from the inside out. Containing high-grade collagen and essential micronutrients, the drink works to rebuild and strengthen the collagen matrix located below the skin’s surface. This pleasant tasting skin drink helps to boost natural levels of hydration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles when consumed on a daily basis.

Skinade for Healthy Skin from Within

Containing the highest quality ingredients and no artificial flavours or colours, Skinade is low in sodium and includes high-grade collagen from fresh water fish as a key ingredient. Each bottle has fewer than 35 calories and natural flavours of peach and mangosteen making it a pleasant tasting drink.

Skinade for Healthy Skin from Within

Here is a list of some of the main ingredients in Skinade:
- Marine collagen: Sourced from fresh-water fish, there is 7000mg of collagen in each bottle.
- Vitamin C: Helps in boosting the immune system and also to reduce free-radical damage.
- B Vitamins: Essential for glowing and radiant skin.
- L-lysine: It is essential in rebuilding the collagen matrix at a cellular level.
- MSM: It helps in collagen and keratin formation and also to improve the elasticity of skin.
- Omegas 3 & 6: Helps in balancing the skin.

My experience: I trialled Skinade for 5 days; drinking it daily after my breakfast. While not necessary, it can be kept in the refrigerator as I felt that it tastes better when it is cool. I surprisingly liked its taste. As I took the first sip I felt it has a slight medicinal kind of taste. However, I soon began to enjoy the fruity/peachy taste. Considering that it has so much goodness in it, I would have in any case overlooked the taste. Though I have not trialled it long enough to see reduction in fine lines or wrinkles, I can safely say that after 5 days of the trial, it has left my skin considerably hydrated and healthier; which makes me feel that regular consumption of Skinade might show more improvements in the skin's texture and condition. It is definitely worth a try.

You can read more about Skinade on their website. A 30 days' supply costs £90.00 and can be purchase online at:

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  1. what is the full ingredients list? how much sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives etc does it contain?

    1. @Miss Moody, the ingredients are mentioned in the post above, however you can find more information about the ingredients here:

      The nutritional information is also included in the post as an image. Hope that helps.