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How to take care of your Sunglasses?

One of the most defining summer accessories are undoubtedly the sunglasses - a perfect combination of style and functionality. Not only do...

One of the most defining summer accessories are undoubtedly the sunglasses - a perfect combination of style and functionality. Not only do they add to the style quotient but sunglasses also play a protective role. The sun causes as much damage to the eyes as it does to the skin, so it is very important to protect your eyes while out in the sun. Sunglasses come in different styles and designs and cost anything from a pew pounds to a few hundred pounds. While glasses are usually chosen based on the shape of one's face, there are no set rules and I like to try out different styles and colours. The Butterfly shape is my favourite amongst sunglasses. Even if the glasses cost a little more, it is best to invest in good quality ones that offer protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Just investing in a good pair of sunglasses is not enough, one needs to also maintain and take care of them. Smears, fingerprints, scratches - these are some of the things that you need to take care of. Sunglasses can get dirty easily and you may not be able to see all of it with your eyes. You could follow some simple steps to keep your sunglasses in good condition.
- Whenever you are not using your sunglasses, it is best to store them in a case. It is wise to invest in a sturdy case if your sunglasses do not come with one.
- Always use a microfiber cloth to clean the sunglasses. You can find these in most supermarkets or at an optometrists. Never use paper towels or tissues to clean your sunglasses as these can scratch the lens. Even our clothing should not be used to clean the sunglasses. I always use a microfiber cloth for cleaning. Of late I have been using the Glasses Cleaning Cloth* from e-cloth to clean my sunglasses. These are super soft and are ideal for cleaning glass lenses - no smears, no scratches. Simply breath onto the sunglass surface and wipe it with the cloth. You could also use a glass cleaning solution or soapy water if needed.
- The nose pads are usually the place where dirt and dust gets wedged, so one needs to pay attention to these. You could use a gentle soft brush to get rid of any dirt from the nose pads.
- Always handle your sunglasses with care. Rough usage can lead to the bending or breaking of the side arms.

By regularly inspecting your sunglasses(even if you do not use them on a daily basis) and cleaning them you can prevent the build-up of dust and dirt. This will ensure that you enjoy your sunglasses for a long time. Well, those are my tips for taking care of sunglasses. Now that Summer is not far away, it is time to make sure that you have got your sunglasses sorted - clean the old ones and invest in a new pair to add to your existing collection.

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  1. Cool glasses and the cloth seems to be a perfect match