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Breakfast Beverages - My Top 4

I like to begin my day with liquid rather than solid food because they are easy to consume first thing in the morning. There is normally a ...

I like to begin my day with liquid rather than solid food because they are easy to consume first thing in the morning. There is normally a 12 hour gap between my dinner time and breakfast time and liquids are always easy on my digestive system in the morning rather than solid foods. My favourite beverages for breakfast include fruit juices, milkshake, tea and protein shake. Sometimes I have a cup of strong tea and then a little while later go for the protein shake or milkshake. It basically depends on my mood and cravings on any given day.

Fruit Juice : Juicing is gaining a lot of popularity and many people are opting for fresh juices as a breakfast option. While I do make an effort to have fresh juice, many times I reach out for bottled juices. I understand that to prolong the shelf life of bottled juices they undergo pasteurization which destroys not just the bad organisms but good stuff too. However in recent times many new brands have come up with their own ranges of raw healthy juices. One such brand that I reach out to often is Vegesentials. They use non-thermal high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) to maximise the retention of nutrients in their drinks. Vegesentials also do not use any pre-packed purees, added sugar, water, extracts/additives, powders or concentrates making their drinks healthy and packed with natural goodness. Perfect way to start the day.

Milkshake: I love milk and while I can happily enjoy a glass of warm milk any time of the day, I prefer not have plain milk in the mornings. I always make it interesting by using ingredients like bananas, almonds, dates or oats to make a rich and creamy milkshake. One of my favourites is the dessert inspired milkshake which uses a few almonds-dates(soaked overnight) along with bananas. You could add a tiny scoop of cocoa powder to make it more yummy. I also stock up on ready made milkshakes like 'Shaken Udder' for those days when I am either short on time or just not in a mood to make it from scratch.

Protein Shake:  Protein-rich foods are known to provide a lasting feeling of fullness than other food groups. They help to satisfy hunger for a longer period of time with fewer calories as they have very little in the way of carbs or fat. There are many "meal replacement shakes" in the market that cater to these needs. Both myself and Mr. H consume Whey drinks. We have tried unflavoured ones and even flavoured ones like the Strawberry flavoured one from Protein Lifestyle. With over 80% protein per serving, the Whey Protein Concentrate is excellent for improving your energy levels and also for repairing and building tissue. It is easy to mix with a blender and keeps me full for a longer time.

Tea: Though last in the list in this post, tea is my favourite wake-up breakfast beverage. There is nothing like a cup of strong and full-bodied tea. I like my morning tea with milk and sugar and of late I have been enjoying the Clipper Everyday Fairtrade Tea. Sourced from the tea gardens in East Africa, India, and Sri Lanka this refreshingly bright and full-flavoured blend has a gorgeous golden colour and a nice strong flavour to go with it - a prefect morning brew; just the way I like it.

So there you go, those are my 4 favourite morning beverages. What drink do you enjoy as a part of your breakfast? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I like juice on a morning then lots of coffee.....Milk always makes me feel sick if I have it too early!