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Wall Art Stickers UK - Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas

Wall Art Stickers UK is a company who specialise in manufacturing and retailing high quality wall stickers for interior walls. Wall sticke...

Wall Art Stickers UK is a company who specialise in manufacturing and retailing high quality wall stickers for interior walls. Wall stickers(decals) are a low cost way to change your rooms décor. The stickers are made from vinyl material and stick directly onto the wall. They are fairly easy to apply as well and come in so many different designs that you are spoilt for choice. Wall Art Stickers UK were recently looking for bloggers to review their products and I took this opportunity to try them out.

Wall Art Stickers UK have over 1300 designs on their website and I had a look at every one of them :) Yes, I saw each of the design available on their website. If you browse through their website you will be surprised by the wide range of stickers including - Floral & Trees, Love Hearts, Music, Vintage Style, Food and Kitchen, Word Quotes, Nursery Wall Stickers, People and Places, Sports and Hobbies, Animals,  Birds and Transport among others. They also have an impressive range of categories in the Kids & Children range which includes: Fairies & Princesses, Planets & Space, Robots, Trucks & Diggers, Monsters, Pirates, Army and Dinosaurs among a few others. It took me quite long to finalise on a design as I was attracted to every design I looked at :) But in the end I zeroed in on 3 designs and after much deliberation went for the Birdcage wall sticker.

The stickers come in different sizes and colours. Since the main colour scheme in our home is black and white, I opted for a black decal. The sticker came in a long cardboard postal tube. It was well packaged and apart from the decal included full and clear printed instructions about the application process. There was also a scraper included in the package to apply the decal and to remove air bubbles if any. I decided to apply this sticker near the bay window in the living room. The Installation Guide, basically a leaflet, details the application process. It looked fairly simple. All I had to take care was that the positioning was correct as the wall sticker is not repositionable. I enlisted Mr. H's help to hold the decal sheet in place and then together we went about the application process. It was all done in a matter of minutes and the plain white wall was transformed into a beauty. In my excitement to get the decal quickly onto the wall, I forgot to photograph the plain wall without the decal. I had intended to show the 'Before & After' picture. In any case you can imagine what the wall would have looked like without the sticker.

The good thing about these wall stickers is that they can be applied on any smooth surface like glass, metal, wood, tiles, plaster, paint, wallpaper and even on cars and vans. And they will last for 3-5 years in the outdoors and many more years if applied indoors. As per Wall Art Stickers UK's website, it is even easier to remove the stickers. All you need to do is gently heat the sticker using a hair dryer and then peel the sticker off the wall. There should be no mess and no evidence of the wall sticker after removal as the company makes the stickers from high quality removable vinyl. Obviously I haven't tried this bit :) as I am in no hurry to remove my wall sticker. I love it and every time I look at those two decal birds, it brings a smile to my face.

What do you think? Have you tried wall stickers? Would you try them as a part of your room décor?

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  1. I loved the concept of the stickers.. they look lovely on the wall.. :)