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The Lavender Nutritional Face Mask from Jamela Skincare

I have fallen in love with the face masks from Jamela Skincare . A while back I had trialled their famous 24K Gold Collagen Eye Mask and l...

I have fallen in love with the face masks from Jamela Skincare. A while back I had trialled their famous 24K Gold Collagen Eye Mask and loved that too. Today I am here with the review of one of their Botanical Mineral Face Masks - The Lavender Nutritional Face Mask.

Regular usage of face masks is highly recommended when you want to slow down the signs of ageing. I have always been a user of face masks whether it is clay based ones or the cream/gel ones. But now I am enjoying these ready to use face shaped masks. These are so easy to apply - just open the packaging and fit the mask on your face. There are eyes, nose and mouth holes and you can somewhat adjust the mask according to your face shape. Once that is done, just lie back and relax and let the mask do its job. While the standard time to leave the mask on the face is 30 minutes as per Jamela's website, I have left them on for more than an hour.

Jamela Lavender Face Mask

The Lavender Nutritional Face Mask offers antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits. I can absolutely vouch for this because when I applied the mask my cheeks were red and kind of allergic due to prolonged sun exposure. I was just back from a 3 hour long walk and that was showing its effects on my face. An hour and a half with the mask on and my skin was totally soothed and clear and as soft as baby's skin. Mr.H himself said that. Well, he also happened to mention that I did not look as glamorous with the face mask on as the model on Jamela's website  :-) But seriously, my skin has never been so soft and hydrated after using a face mask. I myself was quite amazed at how clear my skin looked - the redness was all gone. I knew that Lavender Oil is soothing and reduces inflammation, but I was not expecting this kind of a result. I absolutely recommend this mask if you are looking for a soothing and extremely moisturising mask. A set of 5 masks costs £49.50 making each mask roughly a tenner, but the price is totally worth it. I would not hesitate to purchase it after seeing the effects it had on my skin.

Have you heard of Jamela Skincare? Have you tried any of their face masks?


  1. i've never seen or heard about a ready made face mask, looks and sound impressive.
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  2. this face mask seems to have shown great results on ur skin.. lovely review :)