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Beet IT - Organic Beetroot Juice

Spring is finally here and I am so happy to see the signs of spring around where I live. I have been in Enfield for the past few years and ...

Spring is finally here and I am so happy to see the signs of spring around where I live. I have been in Enfield for the past few years and tucked away in our backyard is the Lee Valley Park. Both myself and Mr.H love spending time in the park. Spring and long walks go hand in hand. There is no better way to enjoy the wonderful weather than with a long walk taking in the beauty of nature. We make it a point to walk everyday but weekends we usually try to fit in a 4 hour walk. The past weekend the weather was perfect - a bit warm and since we would be outdoors most of the day(walking of course), I grabbed a few bottles of Beet IT when we set out for our walk. This time we covered the Gunpowder Park, Sewardstone Marsh & Rammey Marsh route. Once upon a time the Gunpowder Park was a place where munitions were tested but now it has been transformed into an exciting new country park. Both the marshes are wonderful wildlife habitats as well. You will find dragon flies, Pipistrelle bats, Water Voles and different kinds of bees. In short, a beautiful natural space.

Well, moving away from nature to Beet IT which is packed with the natural goodness of organic Beetroot juice. Beet IT comes in 2 varieties - Beet IT(which is 90% organic beetroot juice + 10% organic apple juice) and Beet IT with Ginger(which includes 80% organic beetroot juice + 17% carrot juice + 3% ginger juice and concentrated lemon juice). While the benefits of beetroot juice in terms of improving exercise performance have been in news for the past few years, it also has loads of other health benefits. Beetroot juice has a good iron content and therefore is good for those with anaemia or fatigue. It is also a very good antioxidant and helps cleanse the body.

Beetroot contains Silica which helps our body to better utilise Calcium thereby reducing the chances of developing Osteoporosis. With so many health benefits I see it apt to include Beet IT in my lifestyle. After our 4 hour walk both Mr.H and myself enjoyed a bottle of Beet IT each. It was refreshing and simply delicious - a lovely earthy taste. While we consumed the drink for its health benefits it is a bonus that the juice tastes damn good. I especially loved the Ginger version. You simply cannot 'beat it' :-) Beet IT is like fuel to the human body. Like a natural energy shot.

Sounds interesting? You can read more about Beet IT and purchase online here -


  1. I love the bottles, the kids would be drawn to them like bees to a hunny pot x

  2. ooooh I'm not sure I'd like Beet juice, though I surprised myself with carrot and apple juice! Perhaps I'll give it a try x

  3. Great review. I've seen this often in the shops and never actually tried it. Sounds delicious!

  4. I've tried this stuff-excellent-you can feel it doing you good as you drink it.