24K Gold Under Eye Masks from Jamela Skincare

A while ago I received a few 24K Gold Under Eye Masks from Jamela Skincare. These luxurious eye masks capitalise on the rejuvenating properties of Gold. In addition to active Gold the mask also contains plant collagen. Together with other ingredients the mask helps in reducing the appearance of eye wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

The eye masks come packaged in individual sealed foil packs with distilled water in it to prevent them from drying out. The masks themselves are golden coloured and like soft gel to touch - somewhat like a very thin layer of jelly maybe. It felt a bit slippery as I held it in my hand and I was not sure if it would stay put under my eyes. Well, it did. And rather nicely. Even after 1.5 hours(recommended time to leave them on is 30 minutes though) they had not budged or slipped. The masks ultra cooling feel really impressed me. After the very first use I could see that the eye area looked moisturised and brighter. I do not have puffiness issues, so cannot comment on that. Overall, the noticeable effects after just one use, won me over. My eye area felt cool, moisturised and refreshed with a healthy plumpness.

After 1.5 hours when I removed the mask they were kind of shrivelled. My skin seemed to have sucked all the goodness from the masks :-)

A 16 pair pack retails for £46.75 which works out to roughly £3 per pair. Not bad for a mask which gives instant noticeable results. If you would like to try these yourself or want to pick up something else from Jamela Skincare's range, head over to their website: www.jamelaskincare.co.uk Jamela Skincare have other products like the lip mask, neck mask, face mask and even a breast mask in their 24K Gold Collagen Range.

Ingredients: Mineral Gold, Hyaluronic Acid, Moisturise Factors, Antibacterial Factors, Plant Collagen, Vitamin E, Rose Essence and Distilled Water.

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