Scholl Express Pedi - Get rid of rough heels

We spend so many hours every week taking care of our face, our hands and hair. How many hours do we spend taking care of our feet? The feet are the most neglected part in the body care regime. If you want to flaunt sexy feet then you need to take care of them and Scholl Express Pedi does just that. It removes the dead skin from feet and with regular use makes them soft and smooth.

How to Use : Simply remove the hard skin with even, uniform movements under light to medium pressure. What I do is clean my feet with warm soapy water, pat them dry and then use the Express Pedi. Around 3-5 minutes is enough for each feet. It tingles a little :) but is easy and safe to use. Once done, wipe you feet and apply a foot cream or any body lotion. I am using the Nivea Body Moisturiser.

What I liked?
- It does what it claims and gives softer feet.
- The design though looks like an epilator/shaver, is quite ergonomic and easy to hold and use.

- The price: Selling at £39.99 it seems quite expensive for a foot care product. And the rollers need to be replaced regularly and these are not cheap either. Each replacement(2 rollers) will set you back by £12.49.
- It's battery operated. I would have liked if it had a power cord as well for mains charging.
- The device should not get wet. So, you need to clean the rollers with a dry brush. I would have loved it if the rollers were such that they could be immersed and cleaned with water. So much easier :) Probably Scholl will listen and make some changes in the newer versions.

Note : You need to take care of certain things when using the Scholl Express Pedi. Do not use on very cracked or bloody skin. Don’t use for longer than 20 minutes at a time. This product is NOT SUITABLE for diabetics and those with poor blood circulation.

Availability : Buy on Boots website for £39.99

Final word: Overall, I am enjoying my private pedicure sessions in the comfort of my home with Scholl Express Pedi. Use it couple of times a week for a few minutes and you will notice the difference.

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