Tame the Frizz with John Frieda Thermal Round 34mm Brush

John Frieda is a name synonymous with hair care since ages. Recently, I won one of their FB giveaways and received the Volume & Shine - Full Volume Round brush. I have naturally frizzy dry hair and I use a lot of products to keep it well conditioned and tamed :) And I have been using round hair brushes since I can remember. So, when I received this package I was naturally quite excited. Read on to learn more about this brush.

What the product claims?
Create volume and shine with the John Frieda 34mm Thermal Brush. The brush has deep silicone strips that create shine, smooth flyaways and helped reduce frizz. The silicone lasts for the life of the product.

Each brush has a tourmaline ionic infusion - 100% crushed gemstones that release natural IONS for intense shine. The IONS help smooth the hair's cuticle layer to increase shine and reduce frizz. The 34mm thermal brush features holes allowing airflow from the hairdryer to reach the hair for faster drying and styling. Add volume or soft waves to your style.

I have been using this brush for a few weeks now and it does help control my frizz. One thing to mention here is such brushes normally create a bit of static when used on naturally frizzy dry hair, so what I do is use a bit of hair styling serum and then brush through my hair. This keeps it from fluffing up with static :) Used in conjunction with a hair dryer, the brush  will help you get nice waves with volume.

You can check out Superdrug where the brush is available for £10.99.

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