Nivea Body Moisturiser with HYDRA IQ and Almond Oil for dry skin

Nivea has always been a preferred brand at home. I remember when I was a kid, mom used to purchase only Nivea and J&J products for me. I still remember that cute blue round tin of 'Nivea Creme'. It was my favourite even back then and I used to collect the used tins to store all my itsy-bitsy stuff.

The love affair still continues and you will find many Nivea products at my place. I don't collect used tins anymore though :) Some time back I had reviewed the Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer. Today, I will be reviewing the Nivea Body Moisturiser with HYDRA IQ and Almond Oil for dry skin. Here is what Nivea claim about the Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser.

As skincare experts we know that dry skin needs extra care, so we have developed this enriched formula containing Almond Oil to intensively moisturise and care for your skin.

What does it do?
- Restores and replenishes lost moisture
- Enhances the skin's natural protective layer
- 24 hour moisturisation

The moisturiser also has HYDRA IQ which is a new addition to the extensive NIVEA body range. Here is a little info about HYDRA IQ from Nivea's website.
What is Hydra IQ?
Breakthrough Hydra IQ is an active ingredient technology that is able to stimulate the skin’s moisture network, activating hydration immediately for  non-stop 24-hour moisturisation. Generally, moisturisers absorb into the upper layers of the skin.  Hydra IQ, in a proprietary combination of glycerin and glucose, moisturises similarly from above and in addition, hydrates from below by utilizing skin’s own moisture network.

Healthy skin stores around one third of our body's total water reserves; this moisture is conveyed from cell to cell by the skin's own intelligent distribution system. Stress, harmful environmental influences such as too much sun, too little sleep or poor diet can throw this natural moisture network out of balance. And, if the supply and distribution of water from the lower to the upper layers of the skin does not function optimally, the surface of the skin over the entire body becomes dryer, tighter and can lose elasticity.

It has been discovered that the more aquaporins there are in the skin’s cells, the more hydrated we are. The addition of Hydra IQ to NIVEA body products means your daily moisturiser is working harder. Helping to create extra aquaporins increases the body’s ability to effectively transfer water from its natural stores to the skin’s surface, meaning healthier, more hydrated looking skin.

My experience: I have been using this body moisturiser for some time now. The new packaging is more sleeker and easy to hold. The mosituriser itself has a rich creamy consistency. I would say it is a bit thicker than other body moisturisers and needs a little bit more rubbing in but gets absorbed beautifully into the skin in some time. It doesn't leave any residue behind and keeps the skin supple and soft for quite a long time. I have been using this on thoe areas of the body that tend to be more prone to dryness - elbows, knees etc and it does a good job of keeping the dryness at bay. And need I mention about the fragrance? It has the signature Nivea fragrance - sweet, mild and pleasant. I love it. Overall, a rich moisturiser that works well for dry skin.

What I love?
- Contains almond oil.
- Skin compatibility and dermatologically proven.
- Free from colourants.
- Good moisturisation
- Pleasant mild fragrance

Availability: 250ml for £2.21 on Boots.

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