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Pairs in Pears - Build words and match patterns

'Pairs in Pears' is a word game from Bananagrams . I have previously reviewed 'Appletters' which is also a word game from ...

'Pairs in Pears' is a word game from Bananagrams. I have previously reviewed 'Appletters' which is also a word game from the same company. As with Appletters this game is also aimed at kids in the pre-reader stage, however adults will enjoy it as well. You can add your own variations to create fun activities that you will enjoy with your kids.

How to play 'Pairs in Pears'?

This game can be played in groups with upto 4 players. To begin with place all tiles face down. Depending on the number of players the tiles are picked i.e.
2 players - pick 52 tiles each - make 4 grids of words
3 players - pick 34 tiles each - make 3 grids of words
4 players - pick 26 tiles each - make 2 grids of words

The tiles comes in four patterns - Solids, Dots, Stripes and Outlines.

When all players have picked their tiles, one of them calls 'Go' and then the players begin to flip their tiles over and start making grids of words.

There are 2 main ways to make the grids.
1. Grids of intersecting words with mixed pattern

2. Grids of intersecting words in the same pattern

Whatever the grid style each word must have at least 3 letters. The first player to make the required number of grids is the winner. To make it more interesting you can play the scoring version. In the scoring version, the words do not have to be in the same pattern. But if the letters in a word are of the same pattern, then the player wins double points. The scoring sheet is included in the package and will let you know how to score.

For Pre-readers and beginner readers there are lots of simple activities like:
- Pattern Grouping
- Letter Hunt
- Alphabetical Order
- Word Pairs
- Rhyming

While the game is fun for everyone and builds problem solving skills and enhances spelling skills in kids, we at home prefer Appletters over this game. Having said that, this game is also interesting as the possibilities are endless. You can come up with your own variations to make it more exciting. And like Appletters, its packaged trendily and is easy to carry while travelling.

You can purchase the game on Bananagrams website -

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