Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Scrub

I picked up this Vanilla Body Scrub as a part of the Boots Natural Collection - Vive Le Vanilla during the January Sale at Boots. I got 4 products for £5 which was a damn good deal. I have not seen this product sold individually, so am not aware of how much it retails for on its own.

The scrub comes in a see through tube with a flip top lid. The packaging is functional and simple and the transparent packaging makes it easier to see how much scrub is remaining in the tube.

It is easy to squeeze out the scrub which has a smooth and soft texture. The scrub particles are small and grainy and not very harsh. See the picture below to get an idea of the scrub particle size.

It provides good exfoliation and rinses off easily. I like the gentle scrubbing effect it has and the lovely vanilla fragrance that lingers on for an hour or so after bathing. 

I have normal skin which tends to become a bit dry in winters. After using this scrub, I have skipped moisturising many a times and thankfully my skin hasn't dried up. So, it seems to keep skin soft and moisturised as well. Not sure if it will offer the same effects on very dry skin though.

Overall, a decent scrub that leaves skin soft and smooth. At the price that I picked it up for, it is a wonderful product. Guess, one should never make assumptions about a product based just on the price :)

What I would say is a minus point is that the vanilla fragrance doesn't linger on the skin for very long. Max of an hour. I would have really LOVED if the fragrance stayed on atleat for 3-4 hours. Nonetheless, I am going to pick this up again.

Note: Keep it out of reach of children. Seriuosly, it smells so delicious and even looks like a gooey mix of sugar and butter with vanilla fragrance, that kids might be tempted to eat it :)

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