The New Dove Compressed Deodorant

Being a BzzAgent is exciting. BzzAgent invites its members to take part in new product campaigns, where we get the products before their official launch to try out and rate. This month BzzAgent has kept me busy with 3 new campaigns and I am loving it.

Today I will be reviewing the Dove Compressed Deodorant. I was sent two samples by BzzAgent and here is my review of the product.

The compressed deodorant is basically the same deodarant but it has been compressed into smaller cans. This has been done by re-engineering the spray system. The nozzle now sprays out less gas compared to earlier while delivering the same amount of deodorant.

What I liked about the compressed deodorant?
- the biggest plus point is the size. The small packaging makes it easier to carry - whether it is to the gym or while out with friends.
- contains 1/4 moisturising cream like all Dove products which leaves the underarms feeling softer.

The picture above shows the size difference between a standard 150ml can and the new Dove Compressed 75ml can.

The product claims that it will last as long as a 150ml can. I have been using it only for a few days, so cannot comment on this aspect. However, am happy with it so far.

What I feel could be a minus point is the price. The recommended retail price is £2.49. But many may not be ready to shell out this amount for a can that looks smaller than a regular 150ml can.

Hopefully, after reading my review they will have a better idea of the compressed cans. :)
Overall, kudos to the Dove team for the clever idea. It surely will help the environment. And I am happy to find a deo that  fits my small handbag.

The new product can be found in stores from today (4th February 2013). So head to the store and pick one up.

P.S. This review is for a BzzAgent Campaign. Please read the 'About Me' section for more information.

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