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Build a 'Word Worm' with Appletters

Have you heard of "Appletters"? For those of you who haven't - Appletters is a fun and addictive game aimed at kids to help ...

Have you heard of "Appletters"? For those of you who haven't - Appletters is a fun and addictive game aimed at kids to help them develop their spelling skills and to improve concentration. Though it is meant for the early readers, the game has become a favourite for young and old alike.

How to play Appletters?

The game can be played solo or in groups of 2-4. The aim is to use up all the letters you have on hand by making a 'Word Worm'. To begin the game, you need to place all the 110 tiles face down. This is called the 'core'. Each player then picks one tile and the one with the tile closest to "A" begins the game.

Players then pick up 15 tiles each(in a 2 player game) or 12 tiles each(in a 3-4 players game). Stand the tiles up so that the other players cannot see your tiles. Each player needs to pick up a tile from the 'core' at the begining of the turn and discard a tile. The player then proceeds to make a word.

The game moves clockwise and the next player picks and discards a tile and adds their word to the 'worm'. The key point to note is that the words must attach to the head or tail of the 'worm'.

You can add to existing words to lengthen them. The game continues in this way until one of the player has used up all their tiles. The winner has to call out - 'How do you like them apples?'

Some rules of the game:
- If a player lays down a mispelled word, an abbreviation or a proper noun, then other players call out - 'Rotten Apple' and the player needs to take back their word and an additional tile from the 'core' as a penalty.
- If a player cannot make a word during their turn, they will need to pick three tiles from the 'core' and say - 'Pick and Pass'.
- If a player majes a word that is related to apples (ie. pie, peel etc) then they need to say - 'Apple Pie' and pick one additional tile from the 'core' for each player.

The game has been a fun experience. Kids love it and so do the adults. We have played it a few times since we got it and its FUN. You will love it if you like spelling games. It is somewhat like Scrabble minus the board.

Like many other games, be careful when there are small children around. The tiles are small and could be a choking hazard. So always supervise with small kids around.

What we liked about Appletters?
- It's compact. Can be carried easily while out on picnics.
- The packaging is cute.
- You can play it anywhere
- Fun way to get kids to learn the alphabetical order, word construction and also to improve their concentration.

Overall, it is a fun family game.

You can purchase the game on Bananagrams website -

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