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New Kitchenware Range from Kaufmann | Review

*Gifted product, Affiliate links

is an English brand that was established way back in the 1920s. Originally, they sold baskets and other products made from natural raw materials. 2018 sees the brand re-established into the field of kitchenware and today they make saucepans, frying pans, prep and serverware etc. Kaufmann's products are available to buy only on Amazon and their offerings are perfect for those who want great value without compromising on quality.

Kaufmann's Sienna range which includes a 3-piece saucepan set, a 5-piece saucepan and a 2-piece frying pan set, are all designed to stand the test of everyday use and offer great value for money. I was sent the 3-piece saucepan set for review and my first thoughts on receiving the product was how well made it looked. And that too at a very affordable price of £36.28 (RRP) for a 3-piece set.

New Kitchenware Range from Kaufmann


Flower Subscription Service from Prestige Flowers | The Onyx Bouquet

*Contains PR samples

A few weeks back I had written about Prestige Flowers' new flower subscription service and had featured one of their bouquets (the Orion bouquet) in the article. As regular readers would be aware, I was selected to trial the service and a few days back I received the second bouquet - the gorgeous Onyx bouquet.

The Onyx Bouquet from Prestige Flowers

Before we take a look at this month's bouquet, here is a little information about the subscription service and how you can order one.


Ozeri 14" Green Earth Wok with Smooth Ceramic Non-Stick Coating

*Gifted sample / Affiliate links

Featured on the blog today is the Green Earth Wok from Ozeri which is one of the world's first woks to achieve non-stick perfection while remaining absolutely free of PTFE, PFOA and other harmful chemicals. PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) is a substance with waxy properties and is used in conventional non-stick cookware to achieve the non-stick properties. However at very high temperatures (which is common while cooking) PTFE starts to decompose and releases some harmful fumes. So, Ozeri came up with a technology called 'Ecozeri' which utilises a 100% ceramic coating derived from nature. This makes the Ozeri wok eco-friendly and ultra-safe.

Ozeri 14 Inch Green Earth Wok


Christmas Chest - Luxury Christmas hamper from Prestige Hampers

*Contains gifted item.

Christmas Chest - Luxury Christmas hamper from Prestige Hampers

With less than 10 weeks to Christmas, I am sure many of you must have started thinking about Christmas - putting activities on your calendar, planning menus and shopping for gifts & cards etc. Exciting times, isn't it?

You might have seen one of my earlier posts where I reviewed one of Prestige Hampers' luxury food hampers. What a fab gifting choice it is! And today I have another one of Prestige Hampers' beautiful offerings to share with you. It is the 'Christmas Chest', an impressive Christmas hamper that is packed with great quality products, as always. We loved it at DB Reviews.


Penguins on Parade | A range of ceramics by illustrator Helen Russell

Penguins on Parade by illustrator Helen Russell

Featured today on the blog are a couple of homeware products from artist and designer Helen Russell. Helen's designs, which mainly are charming animal characters, can be found on ceramic tableware, kitchen textiles, illustrations and sculptures. I had featured a couple of products from her Raining Cats and Dogs collection earlier on the blog. Today it is the turn of another collection - Penguins on Parade, which features cute penguins in their best winter wear.


Flower Subscription Service from Prestige Flowers

Regular readers of the blog would know that I have featured Prestige Flowers a number of times on the blog. Since being introduced to them, I have fallen in love with their floral arrangements (the Niagara bouquet and their Spring flowers bouquet being two of my favourites). So, with a lot of enthusiasm, I am happy to announce that Prestige Flowers have now started a new Flower Subscription Service and I am one of the lucky ones selected to review this subscription service. So, for the next 12 months, I will be sharing with you my thoughts on twelve wonderful bouquets from Prestige Flower's Haute Florist range.

Flower Subscription Service from Prestige Flowers


Tea Advent Calendar from Victoria Mae Designs

I love all things festive and after my recent post on the luxury Christmas hamper from Prestige Hampers, today I bring to you another fabulous find - a tea advent calendar from Victoria Mae Designs.

Victoria Mae is a Belfast-based surface designer who specialises in illustration and printed pattern. The range was launched in 2012 and today Victoria Mae’s award-winning designs can be found on a wide range of products, from textiles to tableware to teabags!

Tea Advent Calendar from Victoria Mae Designs


Judge Table Top Grill (Non-Stick Griddle) Review

The BBQ season may be over but the Judge Cookware Table Top Grill provides the convenience of cooking up tasty grilled food irrespective of the season. Ideal for outdoor cooking or 'table top' party cooking, the grill can be used for a variety of foods and cooking styles.

Judge Table Top Grill

While we didn't put the grill to an outdoors test, we have used it indoors and I loved its convenience. With a large hot plate and variable temperature control (from 120 to 240°C), the grill is suitable for cooking all kinds of vegetables, eggs and meat. And you can even use it to keep food warm.


Restora Protein Treatment for Heat-Damaged, Dry Hair

While I don't colour my hair, I do heat style a lot as my hair is wavy, frizzy and very untameable. A hair straightener is needed to help tame it. I understand the damage that heat does to hair, so I ensure that I minimise the damage to hair by protecting it before I style. Hair oil, hair masques and heat protectant sprays are some of the products I use normally use.

Early in September I was sent the Restora™ Protein Treatment - which is an innovative three-step hair treatment for damaged hair. Today, I will share my views on the same.

Restora Protein Treatment for Heat-Damaged Dry Hair


Comfortable Walking with VIONIC's Torri High-top Trainers

I hadn't heard of VIONIC until a few weeks back. Founded by Philip Vasyli who is a podiatrist, VIONIC make a stylish range of shoes, sandals, and boots using their award-winning FMT Technology orthotics. According to their website, a clinical study showed that VIONIC's sandals effectively alleviate non-traumatic, moderate heel pain. So, essentially their footwear is a combination of comfort and style with each of their shoes/boots being made with the right materials and right design.

VIONIC - Torri High-top Trainers


What to pack for a ski trip?

Stunning natural scenery and the thrill of speed - a combination which makes skiing a very fun and unparalleled sport. It is never too late to learn to ski although it is best to learn skiing while you are young (simply because the learning curve will be less). There are a few indoor skiing slopes in the UK where beginners can pick up the techniques required before they head to the mountains to ski in the dramatic scenery. So, once you have had the basic training and are ready to head on your ski holiday, it is the time to decide what needs to go into your ski holiday kit. In addition to your ski equipment (skis, ski poles and ski boots etc - which you can hire in most places), you will need to pack the following clothing/accessories for your ski holiday.


Sensational Summer - Luxury Food Hamper from Prestige Hampers

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? I think not. I have started noticing Christmas goods appearing in some of the superstores. Yes, we have more than three months to go until Christmas but you can start planning early to save yourself some holiday stress! I think it is a good idea to get a head start on your holiday planning, budgeting and shopping. With that in mind, here is my first Christmas related post for 2018.

Luxury Food Hamper from Prestige Hampers


Hempz Beauty Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub - Review

Today I am talking about body scrubs. I think I can safely say that most of us love a good body scrub. But what makes a body scrub good? Well, it has to have the right balance of exfoliating properties and moisturising elements plus a fabulous fragrance to leave you with soft and supple skin. And I have found one such excellent body scrub recently - the Hempz Beauty Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub!

Hempz Beauty Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub


How to make a baby gift hamper?

If you are wondering how to put together a gift hamper for a baby and a new mum, you have come to the right place. Making a beautiful and  unique baby gift basket is actually quite simple. Just follow the steps listed below.

How to make a baby gift hamper


Tesalate Beach Towels | Review and Giveaway

Beach outings with family and friends are always fun. Building sandcastles, playing beach kickball or simply swimming or sunbathing, it all adds up to a relaxing, fun time. Sand is so much fun, isn't it? But only at the beach. Imagine coming home and finding that you have brought a part of the beach back with you! Normal beach towels tend to trap and carry sand that usually ends up at the home. A big annoyance!

With this in mind, Tesalate, an Australian company (founded by Jacky Lam and Volkan Ozbek), invented a beach towel that promises to not only keep you sand free, but also looking good!

Tesalate Beach Towels


New Baby Hamper from Prestige Hampers

The arrival of a new born always brings with it excitement and happiness not just for the parents but to close family and friends as well. And to welcome the new born into the world, a thoughtfully put together hamper featuring baby essentials makes an excellent gift.

Prestige Hampers are an online gift service that specialise in gift hampers of all varieties - from wine and cheese to sweets and alcohol and from birthday hampers to new born hampers, they have it all. Their new baby hampers (both for baby boys and baby girls) feature sleepsuits, mitts, hats, cuddly toys, money box and celebration balloons among other items. They have so many different hamper choices in different price ranges, that you are sure to find one that suits your or rather the recipient's taste.

New Baby Boy Hamper from Prestige Hampers


Prestige Flowers - The Niagra bouquet by Haute Florist

Prestige Flowers - The Niagra bouquet

The focus of 'Flower' is emotion and to make you feel peaceful - Jenova Chen

And I totally agree with this. Flowers have such a calming and relaxing effect. A bunch of flowers makes a perfect gift to soothe someone in stressful times or simply to show your love and affection. No matter what the occassion you can be assured that flowers will be very well received. So, why not make someone's day by sending them a beautiful bouquet of flowers today?


Virginia Hayward Love Chocolate Hamper | Review and Giveaway

Virginia Hayward Love Chocolate Hamper

For an avid foodie, nothing is more exhilarating than receiving a food or drink hamper. So when Virginia Hayward offered to send us one of their chocolate hampers so that we at DB Reviews could give it a try, there was no reason I would say no.


Alcatel 1 Review | Budget Friendly Smartphone

The mobile tech industry is constantly evolving and every year a large number of smartphones are launched. 2018 has been no different with so many new smartphone models hitting the market. But every year the smartphones also seem to be getting more pricier. However, budget phones are improving too with each passing year. And for around £100 you can now get a good, budget smartphone. What I am talking about today on the blog is an affordable entry level smartphone from Alcatel - the Sim-Free Alcatel 1 4G smartphone.

Alcatel 1 Smartphone


Storage Baskets for the home from the Basket Company

The Basket Company stock and sell an extensive range of superb quality storage baskets both for home and business use. On their website you will find a large collection including wicker picnic baskets, laundry baskets, planters, trays, log baskets, plant pots and so much more. Their wicker picnic basket has accompanied us on a number of picnics and never fails to garner attention. Today on the blog, I feature two other fabulous products from the Basket Company.

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