Restora Protein Treatment for Heat-Damaged, Dry Hair

While I don't colour my hair, I do heat style a lot as my hair is wavy, frizzy and very untameable. A hair straightener is needed to help tame it. I understand the damage that heat does to hair, so I ensure that I minimise the damage to hair by protecting it before I style. Hair oil, hair masques and heat protectant sprays are some of the products I use normally use.

Early in September I was sent the Restora™ Protein Treatment - which is an innovative three-step hair treatment for damaged hair. Today, I will share my views on the same.

Restora Protein Treatment for Heat-Damaged Dry Hair

The Restora™ Protein Treatment Set contains three products - a Protein Shampoo, a Protein Conditioner and a Protein Treatment.

According to Restora

The treatment is based on Cystine science and is proven to transform the internal structure of hair, reversing the damage caused by chemical processing, excessive heat styling and sunlight to give  envy-worthy locks. In addition, to rebuilding heat damaged hair; Restora™ can also be used as a pre and post-colour treatment.

How to use Restora™ Treatment

The Restora treatment is easy to use but a little bit different from other hair treatments I have tried. First you wash your hair with the Restora shampoo. Rinse it off and towel dry your hair. Yes, no conditioner at this stage! Once you have towel dried your hair, apply the Restora treatment either on areas of hair which are damaged or throughout the hair. Cover you hair with the shower cap provided and then use a hair dryer for around 15-20 minutes until the hair begins to dry. Ensure that the hair dryer is at least 15cms away from the hair. Now, rinse the hair. You are not supposed to use the shampoo again. After rinsing, apply the Restora conditioner and wash the hair. Once dry, you can style your hair as normal.

Restora Protein Treatment for Heat-Damaged Dry Hair

Restora Protein Treatment for Heat-Damaged Dry Hair

Restora Protein Treatment for Heat-Damaged Dry Hair

Now, this is not my usual hair care routine and it does take longer than normal but I do feel (over the weeks) it has made a difference to my hair in terms of softness. While my hair is still frizzy, it feels a little bit more smoother to the touch as in the dryness had been taken care of. Certainly a pampering treatment for dry, coarse hair.

If you heat style your hair regularly or colour your hair frequently or have dry & brittle hair, this is a treatment you could try. It can help restore your hair to a healthier condition.

Buy Online

The three-step Restora treatment is available online at Prices start from £8.99 for the Restora Protein Shampoo and Conditioner, while the Restora™ Protein Treatment is priced at £24.99.

Restora Protein Treatment for Heat-Damaged Dry Hair

PR sample. As always, all opinions are solely my own.

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