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New Food Finds | Part 8

Ad | Gifted items | Contains affiliate links It's time for the monthly food/drinks roundup and I have four fantastic finds yet again. ...

New Food Finds

Ad | Gifted items | Contains affiliate links

It's time for the monthly food/drinks roundup and I have four fantastic finds yet again. Take a look.

YFood Ready-to-Drink Meals

YFood is a German company based in Munich with their range being produced in Germany and Austria. It is marketed as an alternative to unhealthy fast food and in addition to the Ready-to-Drink Meals featured in this post, the brand also offers YFood Bars and YFood Powder.

YFood provides a range of well-balanced, complete meal products and put flavour at the forefront. Ready-to-Drink meals are currently available in the following flavours:

- Smooth Vanilla
- Alpine Chocolate
- Happy Banana
- Fresh Berry
- Cold Brew Coffee and
- Crazy Coconut. 

All of YFood's products are:

- Suitable for vegetarians
- Vegan options available
- Are Lactose free
- Are Gluten free
- Are nutritionally balanced with 26 vitamins & minerals and essential omega fatty acids
- 33 grams of high-quality protein and 7.5 grams of fibre per 500ml bottle

We tried YFood's Complete Meal Taster Pack that contains five different variants. What we liked the most about the drinks were the flavours and the fact that drinks were satiating and kept hunger at bay.

YFood Ready-to-Drink Meals

YFood Ready-to-Drink Meals

Cold Brew Coffee and Alpine Chocolate were the best in terms of flavour with Smooth Vanilla at the bottom of the list for its taste. But the drinks really fill you up making these great as meal replacements when you are on the go or are short on time for meals.

The Complete Meal Taster Pack is priced at £17.95 and can be purchased online from

You can also purchase YFood products from their Amazon Store.

Body and Mind Botanicals' Organic Cannabis Tea

Body and Mind Botanicals are a British company who grow all of their own organic Cannabis to produce, highly effective, award-winning and safe CBD products.

We tried their full spectrum Organic Cannabis Teas that delivers all of the health and wellbeing benefits of legal cannabis without the high. There are three variants available currently - Original, Peppermint and Loose Leaf Tea. 

The former two come in packs of 10 teabags with each teabag containing 40mg of CBD. Each teabag can be rebrewed for up to 3 times without losing flavour and usefulness (dependant on how long you brew it for).

Body and Mind Botanicals' Organic Cannabis Tea

Organic Cannabis Tea - 100% certified organic, smooth and beautifully aromatic herbal tea with a clean and fresh taste profile. 

Organic Cannabis & Peppermint Tea - this is the Original Organic Cannabis Tea infused with peppermint for a refreshing and uplifting herbal brew.

The Original has a distinctive earthy/herbal taste, while the Peppermint one has a minty flavour, as expected. Neither of them have any bitterness or aftertaste and make for great aromatic infusions.

Body and Mind Botanicals’ Organic Cannabis Teas can be purchased individually or as part of a monthly subscription from their website -


LoveRaw Vegan Chocolates

LoveRaw who make 100% vegan chocolate products recently launched the world’s first vegan Cre&m Filled Wafer Bar.

Made using LoveRaw’s own branded M:lk® chocolate, the new wafer bar contains no artificial products, no palm oil and no dairy. Inside the creamy chocolate coating is a crunchy wafer loaded with a layer of  vegan hazelnut cream. And it tastes absolutely delicious! We loved it.

LoveRaw Vegan Chocolates

LoveRaw Vegan Chocolates

We also tried a couple of their other chocolate bars and they were equally good.

With an RRP of £1.69 (single pack, with 2 bars), the Cre&m Filled Wafer Bar can be purchased online from

It is also available from Amazon.

Linden Leaf Cocktail Elements

Next in this month's roundup is a very interesting find - Linden Leaf's Cocktail Elements which is a collection of atomisers that harness the natural flavour of fresh, organic fruits with any wastage. 

This was the first time we tried essence atomisers for cocktails and loved the concept. 

Linden Leaf Cocktail Elements

Linden Leaf Cocktail Elements

The Cocktail Elements set consists of one each of orange, lemon and lime (20ml) sprays and are a great way to have year-round access to peak seasonal flavours. 

"Made using only smooth organic alcohol and the finest organic fruits at the peak of their season, these concentrated essences are produced through a proprietary, chilled distillation method, tuned at a molecular level."

Each 20ml bottle can be used to garnish over 80 drinks! One spray is all you need for garnishing any cocktail. The fragrances are concentrated and so fresh and zesty. All three are fab but my personal favourite is lime. It's fantastic.

This would make a lovely gift for cocktail enthusiasts!

Priced at £25.00, the Cocktail Elements Set (3 x 20ml) can be ordered online from


Pollenade is a delicious, fruity and fizzy drink with 15mg CBD per can. Great as a daily pick me up or as an alternative to alcoholic drinks, each can of Pollenade contains water soluble CBD from broad-spectrum hemp oil. It also has natural grapefruit, raspberry and lemon juice to creating a flavoursome and refreshing drink.

Pollenade is vegan-friendly and has no CBD aftertaste.

Available from



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