Gorgeous Real Wood Tech Cover from Toast

Want to give your iPad an unique look of its own? Then read on. I recently tried Toast - they make elegant and environmentally friendly covers that protect tech devices (tablets, laptops, phones etc.) while also offering personalisation features.

Unlike the usual Snap-on cases which are made from some kind of plastic or the other, Toast covers are made from real wood veneers and top-grain leather. High quality 3M adhesive is used to ensure that the cover adheres properly to your device. And the best part - these covers are so elegant and sleek.

As per Toast, who design and manufacture all of their products in Portland, Oregon

Their wood veneers are sourced from responsibly managed forests within North America and the bamboo they use is sustainably grown in Asia. Their 'ebony' veneer is made from real wood fibres that are pressed and stained to mimic real ebony, because cutting down rainforests is not cool. And their top-grain leather comes from American cattle.

After browsing through Toast's website, I selected the Walnut cover for my iPad. And a short time later the package arrived. I was impressed by the excellent quality of the cover. The finish was impeccable and the cover looked even better than how it appeared on the website.

Real wood tech cover from Toast

A quick look at the installation video on Toast's website and I got down to applying the cover on my device. Like I mentioned earlier, these are not Snap-on cases. You need to peel off the backing paper, align the cover to the device and stick it. Simple! I did it very slowly and carefully as I did not want the alignment to go wrong. The result was lovely. See how gorgeous my iPad looks now.

Real wood tech cover from Toast

Real wood tech cover from Toast

The cover provides protection from daily wear and tear - bumps or scratches. The cover will not protect your device from hard impacts though. This is understandable as the cover is very sleek and made from thin wood veneers. In terms of visual appeal, the cover scores excellently. You can also have your own art work etched onto the covers to create a completely custom cover. I did not opt for the customisation feature as the simple cover in itself was so gorgeous.

Real wood tech cover from Toast

Real wood tech cover from Toast

Real wood tech cover from Toast

How to care for your Toast cover

As these covers are made from real wood and leather, over a period of time they will darken slightly. Toast recommend cleaning the cover with a little rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth. With proper care, the cover should last a long time.

The cover for iPad Air (the one featured in this post) costs $44.00 and you can add etchings or custom text for an additional price.

If you are looking for an elegant cover for your tech devices, I would recommend that you check out Toast. Visit their website - www.toastmade.com - for more information.

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  1. Thanks for the great review and excellent photos!

    1. Love that there is no plastic involved and also how sleek and elegant the covers look.


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