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Elizabeth Grant Skin Care's Hydra Cell Active Range - Available from Ideal World

Gifted | Contains affiliate links Elizabeth Grant is a skincare company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. They make a range of  luxu...

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Hydra Cell Active Range
Gifted | Contains affiliate links

Elizabeth Grant is a skincare company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. They make a range of  luxury skincare products. Each of their product contains the company's exclusive anti-ageing compound - Torricelumn - which is a blend of vitamins, proteins, botanicals, and anti-oxidants that make the skin appear firmer, smoother, and younger looking. When I was reading through the brand information, I was very excited to read the anti-ageing benefits of their products but also had a feeling that the products would be very expensive. But to my surprise the products were actually not very expensive at all. Luxury + Affordable Price, that got me intrigued and interested in the range.

I was very kindly sent three products from Elizabeth Grant's new Hydra Cell Active range. This new range launch comes after the success of Elizabeth Grant's Collagen Reinforce range which was exclusively showcased on Ideal World.

According to the makers

The Hydra Cell Active products feature a unique blend of key ingredients that are designed to bind up to 1000x their weight in water, helping to intensely hydrate and improve the look of your skin. The products work to moisturise while also providing a longer lasting level of hydration, creating a plumping affect and also firming the appearance of skin.

I will be 40 next year and skincare products that offer effective anti-ageing benefits and intense hydration are just the kind of products I look out for. The three products that I received from the
Hydra Cell Active range were:

  • Intensive Hydra Treatment Activating Liquid
  • Day And Night Face Cream
  • Day And Night Eye Crème

I must admit that I am a sucker for beautiful packaging and the elegant and luxurious design and packaging of the Elizabeth Grant products lit my eyes up. So beautiful!

My First Impressions

I have sensitised skin (due to the Arthritis medication I am currently on) and trying out a new skincare product is always tricky. My skin either likes it or doesn't like it at all. And the reactions are instant. These three products from Elizabeth Grant's Hydra Cell Active range fell in the former category. My skin seemed to like them and so I decided to put them to use for a month to see how it worked with my skin.

My thoughts after 4 weeks of product use

All the three products are easy to apply. The Intensive Hydra Treatment Activating Liquid is a milky serum which gets absorbed instantly. Before you use the product for the first time, you need to add the Sodium Hyaluronate powder (which is provided separately) to the serum and shake the bottle to mix. Once that is done, the serum is ready to use. The key is to use it sparingly as a little bit of the serum is enough for each use. As the name suggests it offers intense hydration on application making my skin feel so much softer. I have been using it on my face and neck and the product imparts the first level of hydration and suppleness to my skin. If you have dull and dry skin, I feel this serum would work very nicely as a hydrating treatment making you skin appear more supple and healthy.

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Hydra Cell Active Range

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Hydra Cell Active Range

I have been following up the activating liquid with the Day and Night Face Cream. The cream has a lovely and pleasant fragrance while the texture is a little runnier than the usual face creams. But it does get absorbed very easily. This cream aims to deliver hydration while also tightening and plumping up the skin thereby decreasing the look of facial lines. I found that the cream hydrates my skin effectively and keeps the flaky bits around my nose at bay. Just like the activating liquid, you need a very little amount of the product for each application. It works well as a day cream and when used as a night cream it is equally effective. When used in conjunction with the activating liquid, this will act as a second level of hydration for your skin.

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Hydra Cell Active Range

The Day and Night Eye Crème has been my favourite of the trio. It has a creamy but light texture, no discernible scent and a little bit of the product is enough to moisturise the under eye area. As with the other two products, it gets absorbed easily leaving no residue or greasiness behind. And the hydrating power is impressive. It makes the area around my eyes appear firmer while also plumping up the skin to impart a fresher look. Love this eye cream. After 4 weeks of use, I find that my under eye area appears a little more smoother than usual and supple as well. And I still have lots of the cream remaining in the small tub. The same goes for the other two products - there is loads of product remaining making them a good buy at the price they are being sold.

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Hydra Cell Active Range

Overall, I have been impressed with all the three products that I have tried from the new Hydra Cell Active range. Whether you want to combat the signs of dryness or reduce the look of facial lines or simply make your skin more supple and smooth, the Hydra Cell Active range works well on all fronts. And it is priced affordably too - a bundle of all the three products is available for a special price of £29.95 from

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  1. Glad your skin showed no reaction. I have very sensitive skin and notice before my periods I will be evn more sensitive.