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Over the past few months I have fallen in love with Sleek Makeup - one of the fastest growing brands on the high-street that brings out new product ranges which impress both with their quality and price. One of their recent releases, the Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayon, has become one of my favourite lip products - one that I reach out to daily. Sleek recently launched a colour corrector palette. I had never used a colour corrector earlier (I am not much of a makeup person - lip colours, eyeliners and mascaras are the only three products I normally use) but I was intrigued by the concept of colour correctors and decided to give this a try.

Sleek Makeup Colour Corrector Palette

According to Sleek

The Colour Corrector Palette helps you achieve the perfect base. The palette consists of six easy-to-blend colours that minimise skin imperfections and counteract discolouration, leaving you with an even base for flawless foundation application.

The six colours and their functions are listed below:

  • Green - helps neutralise redness, so it is perfect for hiding scars and blemishes
  • Lilac - neutralises yellow making it ideal for brightening sallow, dull complexions
  • Blue - neutralises orange and is perfect to conceal freckles and hyperpigmentation
  • Rose - injects radiance and brightens any dark spots
  • Yellow - helps neutralises purple and is perfect for concealing veins and dark circles
  • Orange - neutralises blue and is ideal for concealing dark circles on medium skin tones

Sleek Makeup Colour Corrector Palette

Sleek Makeup Colour Corrector Palette

Sleek Makeup Colour Corrector Palette

I carried the palette with me when I recently visited my cousin (she uses makeup much more than I do) and it was her who demonstrated to me how the colour corrector is to be used. I have redness around my nose due to thread veins. While they are harmless and I am not bothered by them, we decided to use the colour corrector on the nose and see what kind of coverage they offered. My cousin used 'green' around my nose and 'yellow' in the under eye area and both offered good coverage. Like I mentioned earlier, I have not used colour correctors prior to this, so couldn't compare it to others in the market. But my cousin has and she said that the texture was good (light and creamy), it was easy to apply and does a good job with neutralising colours. For £7.99, the palette is a good buy.

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