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Lotil Original Cream for Dry Skin Conditions

Happy weekend everyone. I am here with a quick review of a dry skin cream that I have been using lately - Lotil Original Cream . Accor...

Happy weekend everyone. I am here with a quick review of a dry skin cream that I have been using lately - Lotil Original Cream.

Lotil Original Cream

According to the brand's website "Lotil Original Cream contains anti-bacterial, preventative and curative properties that will deeply hydrate, moisturise and protect your skin. Lotil is a thoroughly tried, tested and completely safe product that has been used successfully for a range of skin care requirements for over 100 years. Lotil cream is also used extensively by diabetics suffering from dry skin conditions including chapped skin and cracked heals. Lotil's medicated formula helps protect against infection and re-infection and provides a barrier to germs and bacteria. Lotil cream is also used to alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema."

So, what are my views on the cream. Let's begin with the packaging which is very simple and traditional. Nothing fancy - a simple squeezy tube that does the job. Next comes the fragrance, absorption and effectiveness. I will leave the fragrance bit for the end for now. Texture wise the cream is very thick and I thought I would have a tough time rubbing it in. Surprisingly it rubs in quite easily and gets absorbed pretty quickly. And like the makers claim it does work well for dry skin. I have used it on my knees and elbows which are the areas that tend to go dry quickly and it works well. It is great for cuticle treatment as well. The edges of my nose and ears also tend to go dry and I tried it out on these areas too. While it is effective no doubt, the fragrance put me off from using anywhere near my face. The cream has a very strong 'medical' fragrance - it is a smell that I associate with hospitals and I did not like using it on my face. Having said that the cream is effective for dry skin treatment so I will in all probability purchase it in the winters.

If you suffer from dry skin problems then you can give this cream a try. It is non-greasy, quickly absorbed and rehydrating. The cream retails for £3.59 on Boots although currently it is on offer for £2.87. You can read more about the Lotil brand here.

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