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JML Hot Designs - 2-in-1 Nail Art Pen

I am sure many of you would have used or heard of nail art pens. I am a novice when it comes to nail art. While I love painting my nails, I...

I am sure many of you would have used or heard of nail art pens. I am a novice when it comes to nail art. While I love painting my nails, I have never really tried any sort of nail art. I did once order some 'Dotting Tools' for nails from EBay. These were said to assist you in making fancy nail designs but I just did not get the hang of using them. And then I came across a pretty cool product from JML called - Hot Designs.

According to JML "Hot Designs gives you stunning designer nails in just moments. These 2-in-1 nail art pens have both a brush and a pen tip, so you can create all kinds of gorgeous patterns, from intricate designs to dazzling flashes of colour." As described the product is a 2-in-1 brush and nail art pen. There are 6 stunning colours in each box - 5ml of each colour. There are 2 variants available:

'Basic Beauty' which includes:
- Flame Red - Kelly Green - Star White - Hot Pink - Royal Blue - Midnight Black

'Glitz & Glam' which includes:
- Sparkling Silver - Paradise Pink - Crushed Berry - Hot Orange - Purple Pizzaz - Lemon Yellow

Each colour comes with a brush end and a fine metal tip. While the brush is used as you would use a normal nail polish brush, the metal tip is what helps you draw those beautiful designs.

The metal tip is very thin and you need to press the squeezy body of the pen to make the nail polish glide out. The tiny tip means you get good control on the flow of the polish and can draw very fine lines. As with other such products, you need to be careful when you are using the tip end because the first drop of nail polish comes out as a blob :) sometimes it also has air bubbles. You can keep a sponge or tissue handy to wipe out the first couple of drops. With these fine metal tips creating your own personalised, unique nails becomes much easier. The box also includes a cleaning pin to keep the metal tip unclogged and in good working order.

Here are some designs that I tried out. These nail art pens from JML are easy to use and you can create all sorts of designs, patterns and lines.

Overall, I liked the selection of colours, the pigmentation of the colours and the metal tip provided for drawing. The only minor gripe I have with the product is the brushes. The brushes were not uniform and had a few stray bristles going in different directions. I had to cut off some of the wayward bristles before using the brush end. Even then the brushes did not give a smooth application, I felt. But if you are just starting out into nail art and want to give nail art pens a go, then this set of pens would be a good option.

Originally priced at £12.99, it is now on offer for £9.99, that's a saving of £3.00.

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  1. These are soo PRETTY ^_^
    I want them like Right Now ;) - Thanks for sharing Dear :)