Heat Holders 'Snuggle Up' Thermal Blanket

I am sure you must have heard of Heat Holders - the folks who make the warmest socks in the world. Since starting out in 2006, Heat Holders' have become very popular - their thermal products are not only high quality but affordable too. I was introduced to Heat Holders' many years back when Mr.H brought home two pairs of their famed thermal socks. And thus began my love story with Heat Holders. Since then we have tried their thermal hats, gloves and inner wear and loved all of it. I was excited, to say the least. when I noticed that Heat Holders' now have two additional products in their product range - the 'Snugover' Fleece Jumper and the 'Snuggle Up' Thermal Blanket.

Heat Holders 'Snuggle Up' Thermal Blanket is luxuriously soft - and I mean 'really really' soft. The blanket has a tog rating of 1.4 and feels beautifully soft and warm to the touch. And it is a very generous size as well - 180 x 200cm to be precise. The size makes it comfortable enough to wrap up warmly. Perfect for the chilly evenings which will be upon us in the coming months.

I love fleece blankets and my old one from one of the supermarkets was my trusted companion until now. It pales in comparison to the 'Snuggle up'. The 'Snuggle up' is an excellent alternative to a dressing gown. You can place it on your bed for some extra warmth or cosy up on the sofa with it. My extremities tend to go cold even in the summer months and I have found the Heat Holders' blanket very useful. I love the fact that it is incredibly soft - feels so good and comforting. And it is machine washable as well.

- 100% Polyester
- A generous size of 180cm x 200cm
- Luxurious soft fur feel
- Tog rating of 1.4
- Is machine washable at 40°

With the cold evenings not very far, the Heat Holders Snuggle Up Thermal Blanket is going to be very useful to me. If you love a good blanket, you must try the 'Snuggle Up' from Heat Holders. The blanket is available in two beautiful colours - 'Moon Rock' and 'Antique Silver'. It is priced at £25.00 and can be picked up online on Heat Holder's website.

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  1. I so need one of these! I feel the cold so badly - I still take a hot water bottle to bed with me in summer! Even with my Heat Holder socks!


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