Polish Up Your Act With The Bio2You SPA Grapefruit Sugar Scrub with Honey and Sweet Almond Oil

I love a good body scrub. Aside from the large collection of hair masks, the second place in my bathroom cabinet goes to body scrubs. One of the recent additions to my body scrub stash has been the Bio2You SPA: Grapefruit Sugar Scrub with Honey and Sweet Almond Oil. Sugar scrubs have become quite popular in the recent times as an effective way to moisturise and exfoliate your skin at the same time.

If the packaging and the yummy colour of the body scrub hasn't won you over yet, then let me tell you more about this invigorating body scrub.

When I opened the tub of the Grapefruit Sugar Scrub, it was like walking into a fruit garden. The fragrance is simply irresistible. It has that tangy/zingy grapefruit fragrance beautifully complemented by sweet honey smell. I cannot find a word to accurately describe the aroma, all I can say is it smells so delicious that I could eat it :) But more than the lovely fragrance what I really love is the way the scrub softens and moisturises the skin. The scrub is not very gritty as you would expect from a sugar scrub. But it does exfoliate well to reveal smooth and silky skin. Another plus point of this scrub is that even though it contains Sweet Almond Oil for moisturisation, it does not make the shower cubicle/bath tub slippery. Some sugar scrubs that I have used earlier used to leave the bath tub with a film of oil. Not this one - the scrub is just right.


Overall, I am totally loving this body sugar scrub - it exfoliates gently, moisturises well and smells delicious. Everything that I could ask for in a body scrub is there in this product. It is an added plus that the product does not contain alcohol, artificial colourings, SLS and Parabens. Priced at £11.95 for a 200ml tub, you can pick this body scrub from Remedy Natural Products.

Tip: When you plan to use the scrub, transfer a small amount from the tub to a small cup for use in the shower. This will ensure that the product in the tub isn't affected by the humidity levels in the bathroom and thus lasts long.

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  1. I loooooooove grapefruit products!

  2. I really love grapefruit.. this product sounds really nice.. thanks fr sharing xo


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