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Don’t Bite Me!

To me summer is sunshine, soft summer breeze, beach holidays, gardening, ice creams, garden picnics, long walks, music and of course a brig...

To me summer is sunshine, soft summer breeze, beach holidays, gardening, ice creams, garden picnics, long walks, music and of course a bright sunny smile :) But summer also means muggy weather as we have seen this season and with the warm summer evenings come nasty biting insects like mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, ticks and many more. If you enjoy gardening, long walks in the green outdoors or activities which involve working in close proximity of animals, then you must fallen prey to the nasty little bite of these beasties at some point of time.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you must know that we live in Enfield with the Lee Valley belt very close by. We go for long walks everyday along the canal side and through the lush green meadows. Mr.H also enjoys horse riding and he is kind of 'loved' by insects :) When we are out walking, insects usually tend to land on him and I tease him that it is because he is 'sweeter' than me :) I always tell him to apply insect repellent creams but he just doesn't like those - they are messy, sticky and time consuming he says. So, when a couple of months back I got the chance to test an insect repellent patch called 'Don’t Bite Me', I took up on the offer.

'Don’t Bite Me' is a topical patch that claims to be a simple and safe way to deter insects. The patch contains a  blend of Vitamin B1 and Aloe. When you apply the patch on the skin, it delivers the key ingredients into the skin, from there into the bloodstream and ultimately carried throughout the body via the bloodstream. The Vitamin B1 creates an odour(undetectable to us humans) which camouflages the carbon dioxide that we release through our pores. It is this carbon dioxide emission which attracts insects to us and by camouflaging it, the patch keeps insects away.

Applying the patch is easy. Take the patch out of the protective pouch and apply to clean, dry and hair-free skin. Upper back or outside of upper-arm are two of the recommended sites. You need to peel off the back of the liner and press the patch firmly against your skin. That's it. The patch will get to work and its effects lasts up to 36 hours. The 'Don’t Bite Me' patch is waterproof so you can get into the shower or swimming pool without any worries. The patch is quite thin and transparent, so once you have applied you are likely to forget it's there. Mr.H tested the patch out on different days, different locations and here are his views. The patch is easy to apply and stays put in the position where it was applied. It did not itch or cause any irritation. It stayed on even after showering and yes, it did keep insects away from him. He had to face relatively less insect bites than he normally does :) Overall, he liked the fact that it is easy and non-messy to use unlike regular insect-repellent creams and sprays.

Final word: The patch is natural, easy to use and safe. Provides up to 36 hours of coverage and is waterproof. If you are looking for a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to inspect repellent sprays and lotions, then these patches are a good idea. 'Don’t Bite Me' comes in packs of 5, 10 and 20 and can be picked up from

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