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Protein is an essential part of our diet. While I try to incorporate a balanced diet in our family lifestyle so that we get our daily dose of protein, a little help comes in the form of ready-made protein shakes and healthy protein drinks. The Protein Drinks Co. have a range of products that are not only packed with protein goodness but are delicious as well. We tried out 2 of their products - Ufit - Milk With Added Muscle and Ufit Breakfast - Nutritious Breakfast To Go.

Ufit Breakfast - Nutritious Breakfast To Go packs in 15g of protein goodness in each bottle. It provides long lasting energy because it contains super wholegrain liquidised oats! The breakfast drink also has added fibre, calcium, vitamins and minerals making it a healthy drink to kick start your day.

Ufit - Milk With Added Muscle as the name suggests has a higher protein content - 22g of protein to be precise. It also has added fibre, vitamins and minerals like Ufit Breakfast. The drink is made from milk protein and perfect for those who have an active lifestyle and also claims to help in the building and maintenance of healthy muscle and bones.

We were sent a generous box of both the products so we shared it with friends, family and work colleagues and here is some feedback from them.
@DBReviews - Both myself and Mr.H loved the range. My favourites were the Chocolate variants. Both the drinks provide long lasting energy as claimed and keep hunger pangs at bay. Mr.H has taken them to work many times as a meal replacement as well :)
@Family - Strawberry was the preferred flavour here.
@Friends - Though not very keen on the taste initially, a few of my friends have grown to like the taste. Its a healthy and quick alternative to traditional breakfast they say.
@Local Community Centre - Gave a few bottles to the local centre admin who has a very hectic and active daily routine. And not surprisingly got a positive feedback on the convenience and delicious taste of the drink. It keeps the energy levels going I was told :)

What we like about these drinks
- High in Protein.
- Low in sugar. In fact Milk With Added Muscle range has no added sugar at all.
- Perfect as 'Breakfast on the Go'.
- Offers health nutritional benefits with delicious taste.

Both the drinks come in 2 flavours: Chocolate and Strawberry
Availability: You can purchase these drinks from Tesco, Holland and Barrett, Superdrug, Chemist Direct and Leydens Limited(Ireland).
Price: Varies from store to store, but as I type this the Ufit - Milk With Added Muscle range is on offer at Tesco for £1 each. That's an awesome price. Try it.

“I love food and feel that it is something that should be enjoyed.
I eat whatever I want. I just don't overeat.”
- Tyra Banks
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