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What I love about Summer

Although Spring is my favourite season, I also enjoy Summers a lot. Summer is the season of fresh air and golden sunshine. It is also the ...

Although Spring is my favourite season, I also enjoy Summers a lot. Summer is the season of fresh air and golden sunshine. It is also the season of beach days and garden picnics. There are a few things about Summer that I like a lot and I thought I would share them with you.

- Floral summer dresses: Lightweight, casual and flowy dresses. I love summer dresses - they are colourful, fun and so comfortable to wear. The one that I am pictured wearing below is from JustFor5Pounds. They have a lovely range of cheap summer dresses all priced at £5 each. Other summer wardrobe staples that I love are sunnies and short sleeved tops.

- Flowers: Whether it is the burst of colours in a well manicured garden or the humble wildflower along the highway, I love all the flower blooms. Many flowering plants thrive in Summer and the array of colours can electrify any garden. Pictured below are some wild flower arrangements at my place.

- Picnics and daytrips to the beach: Nothing is more relaxing then sipping a cool drink on a warm day at the beach. Aaah, I wish I was in Spain right now :) Garden picnics are also a lot of fun. We have lots of lovely parks and green spaces where we stay, so planning and heading out on a quick picnic is always on the cards.

- Ice cream. Need I say more?

- And last but definitely not the least is the greenery and wildlife in Summer. One of the best gifts from nature to us. Nothing is more satisfying and pleasurable than basking in and enjoying summers greenery. We live near the Lee Valley belt and have lots of greenways and gardens nearby. Both myself and Mr.H enjoy long walks everyday on these lovely paths. It almost looks like the countryside :) and the place is full of wildlife - from the creepy crawlies to the furred ones to the multitude of feathered ones all of which have fledgling birds to take care of. It makes me so happy to see the cygnets, ducklings, goslings and even the occasional shy fox. In the animal kingdom Summer is the season of building nests, little additions to the family, feeding on the abundant food and caring and protecting for the young. This is my best part of Summer - watching the animal world. I will not say anything more, but will leave you with some pictures taken during our daily walks.

“No matter how plain a woman may be,
if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt
* The dress featured in this post is a PR sample.


  1. fantastic shots! :)

  2. such a wonderful clicks..loved ur dress too