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BackBliss Lotion & Cream Applicator And Back Scratcher

Heading off on a beach holiday? There is one item that you should have in your holiday bag - the BackBliss Lotion & Cream Applicator. W...

Heading off on a beach holiday? There is one item that you should have in your holiday bag - the BackBliss Lotion & Cream Applicator. We all are familiar with some problem spots on the back which are a bit difficult to reach while applying lotions and creams. Of course you can get someone else to apply the lotion/cream on your back, but wouldn't being able to do it on your own without missing any place, be even better? And this is where BackBliss Lotion & Cream Applicator comes to your rescue.

BackBliss Lotion & Cream Applicator is an award winning invention from Caroline Wagstaff. She launched the product in 2003 and completed 10 years of selling the product in 2013. So, how did the product idea come to her? Interested to know more? You can read about BackBliss' evolution here. The Lotion & Cream Applicator is sold individually and also in a DUO pack with a Back Scratcher.

The BackBliss Lotion & Cream Applicator helps you to easily reach and apply any cream/lotion evenly all over your back. The length of the applicator is perfect and reaching the centre of the back is easy. The applicator comes with a textured handle which gives a good grip. The handle has two slots on the top where a plastic pad fits in. A pair of soft pads are included in the package. You need to remove the protective backing from the pad and glue it on the hard plastic pad. Clear instructions are provided along with the product and it is very easy. Once done, fit the plastic pad back onto the handle. It will click into place. You can use the applicator to apply SPF lotions, after-sun creams, body lotions, body butters and even body oil. I have tried it with sunscreen and body butter and it easily helps me reach places on my back I would normally have missed otherwise.

The pads are made of a soft material and feel gentle on the skin. You need to wash them with soapy water to keep them clean and to prolong their life. I have been washing it every 3-4 days with my shower gel :) Replacement pads are available on Back Bliss' site for £5.99(for a pack of 4).

Though the cream/lotion doesn't seem to soak into the pad, there is a wee bit of the product getting wasted in the process of application. Other than that I see no other minus points in the product. Overall, I liked BackBliss because:
- It is functional.
- It is lightweight, easy to use and ergonomic.
- You can apply any kind of cream or lotion.

The BackBliss DUO pack contains a Back Scratcher in addition to the Lotion & Cream Applicator. Now this one was picked up immediately by Mr.H and understandably so. He has very dry skin and is always asking me to scratch his back. Since we received the BackBliss Duo, the number of times he has asked me to scratch his back has reduced a lot :-) The Back Scratcher has a sturdy handle just like the Lotion Applicator but instead of the soft application pad it has a Scratcher Pyramid Pad. Assembly is similar to the Lotion Applicator. Just click the scratcher pad in and its ready to use. What I liked about this scratcher was that it can be used even in the shower as a back massager. Full points to this product.

To sum it up, the BackBliss DUO Lotion & Cream Applicator & Back Scratcher(£19.99) is a very useful invention. It is a wonderful tool to apply creams and lotions to your back. The back scratcher is perfect to sort out an itch. Both of them would come in handy at the beach as well as at home. It is definitely a good pick for the summer. You can check out the BackBliss website for more information about this simple and easy to use product.

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  1. What I great idea!! I could defo put this to good use - sunscreen, fake tan, just moisturiser. Although I would have to hide scratcher from hubby as he'd defo steal it ;-)
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down