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Traditional Chocolate Creams from Beech's Fine Chocolates

Gifted | Contains affiliate links I have reviewed goodies from Beech's Fine Chocolates earlier on the blog. The past week a surpr...

Gifted | Contains affiliate links

I have reviewed goodies from Beech's Fine Chocolates earlier on the blog. The past week a surprise landed through my post box - a selection of Beech's Chocolate Creams. These traditional chocolate creams are one of the best sellers on Beech's website and come in 8 flavours: Coffee, Lime, Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange, Mint, Rose and Violet. We got the chance to review the last four.

All the flavours come in 90g boxes and are priced at £2.99 each. There are ten pieces in each box - dark chocolate covering over a delicious fondant centre. The chocolates are packaged in lovely pastel coloured boxes matching the flavours in each box. I like the fact that Beech's take so much care of the presentation and branding. These Chocolate Cream boxes invoke an old world charm and feel - the simplicity, the graphics and the colours used - all are lovely. Needless to say, as always I liked the packaging.

Let's move onto the 4 flavours that we received. First up, Rose Creams. As I opened the box, I could smell the familiar rose flavour similar to Turkish Delight. If you have read my earlier review of Turkish Delights you might recollect that I am not particularly keen on these. I never really enjoyed them. Though I absolutely love rose fragrance/scent in my skincare products; for some reason I do not like it in my food. However, it came as a big surprise to myself that I was reaching out to these Rose Creams. Surprise, surprise! And I enjoyed them. I actually liked these Rose Creams a lot. Mr.H got only 3 pieces as I finished 7 pieces from the box myself.

Mint Creams : The classic, tried and tested combination of chocolate and mint; what is not to love about this. The minty fondant perfectly complemented the dark chocolate. Both myself and Mr.H loved this variant.

Orange Creams: Orange is one other flavour that I do not like when clubbed with chocolate. But I did give this a try nonetheless and it did not appeal to me much. Mr.H on the other hand really appreciates all kinds of flavours and combinations and he enjoyed this. According to him the sweetness of Orange paired well with the dark chocolate.

The final flavour was Violet Creams. These had a subtle Violet flavour and were something different from what we would normally pick up. It was an interesting combination to try out. Overall, the Chocolate Cream range from Beech's gets a thumbs up from DB Reviews. We have only tried 4 flavours of the 8 available but I can say confidently that this range caters to all kinds of taste. These boxes will make excellent gifting options if you are looking for traditional English chocolates.

Buy Beech's Fine Chocolates here.

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