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Beech's Fine Chocolates - Turkish Delight

On Valentine's day a couple of boxes of Turkish Delight landed through my post box, courtesy of Beech's Fine Chocolates . The com...

On Valentine's day a couple of boxes of Turkish Delight landed through my post box, courtesy of Beech's Fine Chocolates. The company which has been making traditional British chocolates since 1920 have a wonderful selection of chocolates to choose from. Beech's use only the finest raw materials and chocolate along with natural colours and flavours to make some really delicious treats.

Last month I had reviewed the Dark Chocolate Ginger which was a revelation to me. This time around it was Turkish Delight or Lokum as it is known traditionally in Turkey. As always the packaging of the product was so well thought of. The bright colours and the intricate designs all reflected a Persian feel. I like the attention to detail that Beech's show both in terms of the chocolates and the packaging as well.

Beech's Fine Chocolates Turkish Delight

Now moving onto the product itself. These have been tried and tested by Mr.H. I am not particularly fond of Turkish Delight. I had tried them on a couple of occasions earlier and they were not my kind of sweet treats. Mr. H has a very open mind. Whenever we travel to any country, he makes sure to sample their local cuisine and delicacies. He never shies away from trying something new or experimenting. And as you know he is a massive chocolate lover. So, to put it in short, he was more than happy to trial these.

Beech's Turkish Delights have a thick velvety milk chocolate layer enclosing the gorgeous rose flavoured centre. As per Mr. H, the centre was slightly firmer than other Turkish Delights that he has tried. The generous chocolate layer was 'melt in the mouth' kind giving a perfect blend of flavours in every mouthful. He enjoyed it. If you are a lover of Turkish Delights than you should try these.

You can browse through the entire Beech's range online. Beech's have also very kindly provided a discount code for the readers of DB Reviews. You can avail 10% off your purchases until 28th February 2014 from Use the code 'BFC21J1410' to get 10% off any purchases. Enjoy!! And let me know what you pick up from Beech's.

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  1. I don't actually like Turkish Delight but I find myself intrigued by the Rose flavouring, I'll have to give it a try! (I say I don't like Turkish Delight, I don't think I've ever tried it, first time for everything I guess!)


  2. I'm not keen on Turkish Delight either but my dad loves them! Definitely an acquired taste! I think the packaging looks lovely. xo