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If there is one thing that helps me out when my rheumatic pain flares up is a good, long soak in the bath. The warm water soothes and comforts leaving me feeling much better. I usually add a cup or two of Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oils(Lavender or Chamomile) to the bath. A while back, Deep Heat - one of the leaders in the market of topical pain relief had unveiled a new range - Muscle Rescue and I had  reviewed their Muscle Rescue Bath Soak. More recently, I was sent the Deep Heat Foam Bath to trial and today's review is about the same.

According to Deep Heat's website - the Bath Foam contains oils of Juniper, Eucalyptus, Patchouli and Thyme to soothe and help overcome the feeling of fatigue. The product comes in a 350ml bottle and contains 5 measures. It is bright red in colour, smells pleasant and foams well too. When added to hot water it works like a relaxing bath tonic. Whether it is pain, sprains or just muscle stiffness, the foam bath has always worked for me. I normally use it just before I sleep and it works as a great relaxer. It eases aches and pains and helps me sleep well in the night.

How does it compare to the Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Bath Soak? Well, in my opinion the Muscle Rescue Bath Soak has a more pleasant fragrance and is a tad bit stronger. But that does not take anything away from the Bath Foam and if you suffer from mild aches and pains or muscle stiffness, then this product will help to relieve the pain.

You can check out the entire Deep Heat range here:

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