The Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Range to Combat Muscular Tension

Muscle stiffness is something that I have to put up with many times a month. The pain and discomfort affect daily life and hence I always keep products that ease muscular tension in the medicine cabinet. Deep Heat, one of the leaders in the market of topical pain relief recently unveiled a new range - Muscle Rescue. The range includes two products:
- Neck & Shoulder Cream
- Bath Soak

The Deep Heat Muscle Rescue range has been designed specifically to help ease muscular tension/stiff neck and shoulders. With a mild herbal fragrance, both the products soothe everyday aches and strains. The Muscle Rescue Neck & Shoulder Cream comes in a handy tube with a sponge applicator. This reminded me of shoe polish tubes which used to have a similar applicator :) But it is a wonderful idea to use this kind of applicator for the cream as it leaves the hands mess free. Application is easy and the cream sinks in easily into the skin. Like I mentioned earlier it has a mild herbal smell - a mix of Rosemary and Vanilla. I have used this on sore shoulders and it has helped relieve the discomfort. I could feel a warming sensation in the shoulders after application and it was quite relaxing as well. Always start with a little product and then add more if you feel the need. This one also accompanies me on my travels as it is the perfect size for a travel bag.

The Muscle Rescue Bath Soak has been formulated with electrolyte minerals, trace elements and essential oils of Rosemary, Orange and Patchouli. All these help to rebalance and revive tense, aching muscles. There is nothing more relaxing then a warm bath at the end of a tiring day or if you happen to have sore muscles. Like the cream, the bath soak also has a lovely fragrance and creates a spa like feeling :) I love relaxing in the bath and this bath soak leaves me feeling energised and relaxed. All the stress and tension seems to dissipate. Bliss.

Overall, both these products are good if you suffer from muscle soreness or tension. You can purchase both these products from the Tesco, ASDA or Chemist Direct. If you are interested in reading more about the products, you can do so here -

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