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Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colour from LipSense

If you have been following my blog long enough, you will know that I love skincare much more than makeup. There are 2 reasons to it. First,...

If you have been following my blog long enough, you will know that I love skincare much more than makeup. There are 2 reasons to it. First, my skin is very sensitive and I like it to breathe freely without being bogged down by an array of products. Second, I must admit that I have neither the skill nor the patience to apply makeup and re-touch it throughout the day. However, there are 2 items from the makeup world that I enjoy using - mascaras and lip colours. When I heard about LipSense Liquid Lip Colour which claimed to last all day long, I was thrilled but sceptical as well. I had heard this kind of guarantee from many other brands for many other products and honestly most of them don't live up to the claims. So, I decided to put it to test.

LipSense is said to be a long-lasting lip colour that is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or even budge-off. I received two shades to try out - Coral Reef and Fuscia. The lip colours contain Shea Butter which moisturises the lips and also offer 100% UVA-UVB shield to protect your lips from the sun.

The texture of the lip colours is unlike others I have used. It was quite liquid-y and sheer and I was not sure of I would get the colour as seen on LipSense's website. But with a couple of layers it dries into a nice matte shade. And like the makers claim, it is indeed rub proof :) It dries very quickly and will not budge. You cannot wipe it off like a conventional lip colour. This was the first time I was using LipSense and I did end up making mistakes a couple of times. But now I am getting the hang of applying it properly. Apply it slowly with a steady hand. Wait for the first layer to dry, then repeat till you get the desired colour. You can then top it up with the LipSense moisturising gloss.

There is a mild stinging sensation when I apply the colours, but the feeling doesn't last long and it is not something that I cannot handle. The colour on its own dries into a matte finish which is a bit dry but the gloss makes it soft and beautiful. I have tested both the shades and they have lasted quite long. Overall, I am liking this concept of long lasting lip colours - perfect when you are out travelling or when you don't have the time to touch-up frequently.

That's Coral Reef on my lips.

The LipSense range includes over 35 different shades of lip colours(£22.00 each) with some gorgeous shades like Plumeria, Carmel Apple, Salmon and Nutmeg. They also have a range of glosses(£18.00 each) which give a remarkable finish and the LipSense Ooops Remover(£10.00) to correct or erase mistakes. You can check out the entire range at

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