Sizing up the Sample : Bliss Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream & Bliss lid + lash Wash Makeup Remover

This is the second post in the 'Sizing up the Sample' series where I will be sharing my views on two travel sized products from Bliss.

I have the 5ml travel size version of this cream. It is a very gentle and moisturizing cream that is not at all irritating to the eye area. It leaves the under eye skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. If you use makeup, then this eye cream will work nicely under makeup as well. The texture is nice, it gets absorbed quickly and has a lovely feel to it. There is no noticeable fragrance and it did not irritate my sensitive skin. If you are taking the first step into eye creams then I recommend that you try this. It is simple and does the job.

The texture of this product is its USP. Since it is in gel form and not a liquid like most other eye makeup removers, it does not drip down and cause a mess. Perfect for using when on the go. Just dab a little gel on a cotton pad and with a few gentle swipes it removes all traces of mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow. It is an oil-free formula and works without irritating the eyes. This non-irritating function can be attributed to two key ingredients: Disodium cocoamphodiacetate which is a gentle cleansing agent that dissolves surface dirt and debris without irritation and Chamomile extract which boasts of anti-inflammatory properties and is also a soothing anti-irritant. I have used it a few times now and am impressed. Though I do not use water-proof mascara and as such cannot comment on whether it removes that completely or not, it does remove my eye liner and non water-proof mascara very well.

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  2. Nice review Dee... both the products sound good to me :)


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