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Budget Buys #1

I am starting yet another series on the blog titled - Budget Buys . It will be all about finding a good bargain when you are on a tight bud...

I am starting yet another series on the blog titled - Budget Buys. It will be all about finding a good bargain when you are on a tight budget.

Last week when I went into Superdrug to pick up some essentials, I happened to browse through their men's fragrance/grooming section and spotted these colorful bottles - the Superdrug Pre-shave Cologne Forest Fresh and the Superdrug Aftershave Lotion Sierran Breeze. Both were 125ml bottles and priced at £2.49 each. That's a good price. But wait, there was an offer as well - Buy 1 and get the 2nd for 1/2 price. Awesome. I picked up one of each. For less than £4.00 I got both the bottles. After I had finished with the rest of my shop and was heading back home, I wondered if these 2 buys would pass Mr.H's test. Well, when I reached home and asked him to look at the two products, Mr.H was initially surprised by the price and sceptical about their effectiveness. He has been using the products for some time now and he likes them both. The Pre-shave Cologne is brilliant when used prior to dry shaving. I love its fragrance. The Aftershave conditions the skin post shave leaving it feeling revitalised and fresh. The fragrance is again awesome. Overall, both the products are very good value for money. Definitely recommended.

The second bargain product I am here with is a bag from Just For £5. You must have heard me say so many times that a girl can never have enough handbags. I have bags in different shapes, sizes and colours. My mom always picks up bags for me on her travels. In Spite of my love for bags, I tend to stick to a few chosen colours and styles because I do not want to spend loads of moolah on a bag and then not use it. If I am not sure I will be using a bag often or if I feel like indulging in some guilt-free experimenting, then the best place to go to is Just for £5. I can indulge in colours and styles that are outside my comfort zone without hurting my wallet. The bag featured in this post is not something I would normally be seen carrying but since I received it, I have put it to good use. It draws a lot of attention(in a nice way), has lot of storage space, multiple compartments and is good value for money. For £5, it is definitely worth trying. Just For £5 have loads of styles to choose from, so whether it is clutch bags, shoulder bags or handbags you are after, you are sure to find something you fancy on their website. Do check them out.


  1. Never heard of just for £5 website..the bag looks awesome

  2. great! yes I love these £5 websites!