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Frank* Honest Snacking - Gluten and Dairy free Vegan Bars

The Frank Food Company was founded in 2012 by Neil Robinson , a former Everton FC footballer. The Frank Snack Bars are vegan and made fro...

The Frank Food Company was founded in 2012 by Neil Robinson, a former Everton FC footballer. The Frank Snack Bars are vegan and made from only natural ingredients. The bars are a 'Free From' product that contain no gluten, dairy, nuts or seeds other than those naturally occurring in fruits. There are no additives, colourings, preservatives, salt or sugars added making these bars nutritious and healthy. Frank Bars are available in 5 flavours: Orange & Chocolate, Blueberry & Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Oat & Chocolate and Strawberry & Chocolate.

Ingredients: I was surprised when I looked at the ingredients list on all the bars. With ingredients ranging from gluten free organic coconut sugar to opulent plums and probiotic chocolates to velvety dates these are some real fine ingredients. The bars also include Pea Protein and Pea Fibre which I personally found an interesting addition. I could see no nasty additives or chemicals in the ingredients list and this earns the range a thumbs up from me.

The bars are:
- Gluten, wheat and dairy free
- Source of protein
- Egg and nut free
- Vegan friendly
- With EnergySmart®

The Frank bars are rich in fibre and have slow-release carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index. One of the ingredients that stands out is EnergySmart® - a patented and unique all-natural combination of carbohydrates derived from pears, apple and grapes which claims to offer sustained energy release over a prolonged period thereby making it perfect for lunch boxes, while in the outdoors and also as a pre/post workout bar.

Texture: Texture wise the bars are not like regular cereal bars as in they are a bit more softer and crumbly. That doesn't mean they are not firm; they are somewhat like a soft dense brownie I would say. We liked it.

Taste: In the taste department both myself and Mr.H had different preferences. The bars contain nearly 50% dried fruits and all of them have a thin chocolate coating. Strawberry & Chocolate followed by Blueberry & Chocolate were Mr. H's favourite. There was a nice balance between the fruity taste and chocolate. I personally liked the Double Chocolate bar. For a chocoholic like me, the cocoa hit in this bar was lovely and it keep me satiated as well.

You can head over to The Frank Food Company's website and take a look around or join them on their Facebook page for the latest news and competitions. Let me know if you decide to try the snack bars and what you think of them.

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