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Candy Hero: An Online Candy Heaven

When I was a child, my parents used to get all kinds of candies and sweet treats for me. While sweets, candies and chocolates were not exac...

When I was a child, my parents used to get all kinds of candies and sweet treats for me. While sweets, candies and chocolates were not exactly off limits, mom and dad did keep a check on my sugar consumption. Holidays and special occasions however meant it was candy time. My eyes would light up at the sight of candy. Over the years my tastes have evolved but my love for candy remains. And being married to someone who has a very sweet tooth means, we are always experimenting and trying out new sweet stuff. Recently I came across Candy Hero, an online store, that stocks the finest and most sought after candy from around the world. I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of products from the website to try out. Here is what I received.

Candy Hero stock an awesome range of mainstream American candy, some British retro sweets, novelty candy, energy products, extreme candy, gifts and specialist items. Of the selection that I received, some I had heard of and sampled earlier courtesy my large extended family living in the US. Some were products that I had never even heard of and hence was very keen to sample like the goodies from Annabelle's. Rocky Road was a yummy combination of marshmallow, chocolate and roasted cashews. Then there was Abba-Zabba, Look, Big Hunk which all had one thing in common - Peanuts. Continuing with the peanut theme, there were these yummy peanut butter cups from Reese's. Pure delight!

Have you tried Wonka Nerds? These are addictive - seriously addictive :) The main ingredients in Nerds are dextrose, sugar & malic acid and the candy comes in small irregular shapes. I transformed into a little kid when I held this pack in my hand :-) Brought back memories of childhood. There was a pack of Skittles as well which did not last long. The Desserts variant of Skittles released last year and consists of 5 yummy flavours: Orange Creme, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Milkshake, Raspberry Sorbet and Blueberry Tart.

Ice Breakers Sours has been an interesting new find. These sugar-free mints are a lovely combination of sweet and sour flavours. I liked the packaging as well. Am sure to pick up other flavours of these. Lindt needs no introduction. The truffles that we were sent were(yes, you guessed it right) the Peanut Butter flavour. Not that I am complaining. Enjoyed them.

Candy Hero, like I mentioned earlier, also stock cakes & cookies, American soda, soft drinks and snacks. I received some Cheetos snacks in my package. While I have sampled Cheetos earlier, the 2 flavours that I was sent were new to me. Both 'Cheese' and 'Cheddar Jalapeno' have a cheesy taste but the winner is Cheddar Jalapeno as you might have guessed because it offers that gentle spicy kick. Love it. Mind you, both the flavours are very addictive though :) There is also a nice selection of canned and bottled sodas from the US on Candy Hero's website and we tried out of two of them.

Final word: Candy Hero have a great selection of products and there is certainly something for everyone. If you are a candy lover and want to sample imported candy, then head to Candy Hero. Their website is easy to use and navigate and they stock candy from a large number of brands like Reese's, Skittles, PopTarts, Altiods, Peeps, Wonka, Haribo, Hubba Bubba, Flipz, Trident, Tic Tac, Oreo, Snapple, Starburst to name a few. There are too many brands to list here, so the best way would be to head to their website and have a look around. All I can say is Candy Hero is an online candy heaven. Try them, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. vow.. this post made me salivate.. i love Candies n cheetos is available in India too :)