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Arbonne RE9 Advanced Range

Around 3 weeks back a fellow blogger, Leah, got in touch with me regarding Arbonne. She spoke to me about Arbonne's skin care range and...

Around 3 weeks back a fellow blogger, Leah, got in touch with me regarding Arbonne. She spoke to me about Arbonne's skin care range and also mentioned that she ran her own Arbonne business. I had heard of Arbonne earlier from a few colleagues but had never tried it, so Leah sent me some sample sized products to try out and review. I love trying out new products so was more than happy to give them a go. The products I received were a part of the RE9 Advanced range and included:

- Intensive Renewal Serum(30ml, £46.00)
- Corrective Eye Cream(15ml, £44.00)
- Restorative Day Cream(37ml, £40.00)
- Night Repair Cream(30ml, £67.00)

- Nourishing Body Wash(200ml, £29.00)
- Firming Body Cream(196ml, £53.00)
- Hydrating Body Lotion(200ml, £33.00)
- Reactivating Body Serum(100ml, £30.00)

A little about the brand - Arbonne is a skin care range developed by Petter Morck along with a group of leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists. The company was founded in Switzerland in 1975. Arbonne's products are based on botanical skin care principles. The Arbonne RE9 range that I was sent is an anti-ageing range which is said to use a large percentage of natural ingredients and fights the signs of ageing.

The first 4 products are from the RE9 Face range while the latter 4 are from the RE9 Body range. Before we move onto the individual products, let me tell you that I have only used these products for 1-3 days. As you can see these are sample sizes and I will not be able to comment on the long term benefits of using any of these products.

The Intensive Renewal Serum is said to be a powerful blend of collagen supporting ingredients that help to firm and lift the skin thereby diminishing the appearance of fine lines. The serum has a pale yellow colour and a kind of slightly runny texture. It gets absorbed like a dream and skin looks softer instantly. The Corrective Eye Cream helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles. The texture is lovely and it has no discernible fragrance and similar to the Renewal Serum it gets absorbed nicely. However, I could not make out any difference to my under eye area in the couple of days that I used it. The Restorative Day Cream and the Night Repair Cream are both very moisturising. The texture is lovely, quick absorption, no greasiness and I liked the mild citrusy fragrance. Both the creams leave the skin smooth and hydrated. Overall, all the 4 products were lightweight, luxurious and gentle on my skin.

The Reactivating Body Serum is a pre-moisturising body gel that helps to replenish the skin's moisture barrier. It can be followed up with the Hydrating Body Lotion. The Body lotion is a highly moisturising lotion that delivers antioxidants and vitamins into the skin leaving it soft, hydrated and nurtured. Both in terms of texture and effectiveness, I personally liked the Hydrating Body Lotion and this is something I would consider purchasing. The Firming Body Cream as the name suggests helps promote a firmer and more toned skin by providing the benefits of collagen and elastin. While the sample size obviously would not be enough to see any noticeable difference, this is another product that I would give a go. The Nourishing Body Wash was moisturising, but it did not have enough 'zing' that I normally expect from a bath/shower product. I like me bath/shower products to wake me up :)

To sum it up, of all the 8 products that I tried, I might be drawn into trying out full sized versions of a couple of them. The sample sizes gave me an idea of what to expect from the brand. Thank you Leah for sending across the samples for me to try out. Folks, if you wish to order any of the products mentioned in this post or anything else from the Arbonne range you can do so from the Arbonne website - You could use Leah's sponsor id to log in: 441203775

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