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The Laser Treatment Clinic Ultimate Youth Lift

Eternal youth - a concept that has been around since ages, a quest to live a life free of ageing. Who does not wish for a slow ageing proce...

Eternal youth - a concept that has been around since ages, a quest to live a life free of ageing. Who does not wish for a slow ageing process? I do. While I enjoy growing older every year, I also wish that my skin stays healthy and youthful even as I age ;-) Wishful thinking, I know. The ageing process depends on every individual's lifestyle, the genetic composition of their DNA and also their outlook to life in general, I feel. I wish to age gracefully but that doesn't mean I will not incorporate products that offer youth boosting benefits in my skincare regime. While I have not found the 'Fountain of Youth', I certainly have found some products that have become a part of my regular skincare routine and these seem to be slowing down the skin ageing even if it is ever so gradually. The product that I am talking about is the Laser Treatment Clinic Ultimate Youth Lift.

The Ultimate Youth Lift is a part of the Marine Skin Science range from Laser Treatment Clinic. I have earlier reviewed the Sea Collagen Marine Serum from the same range. And just like that one the Ultimate Youth Lift has worked wonderfully well for my skin. A few years shy of 40, my facial skin displays a lot of signs of ageing - there is loss of tone, a slight degree of dark circles which increases depending on my stress levels, some fine lines and a few wrinkles here and there. The Ultimate Youth Lift is an ultra-light formulation containing a powerful firming and lifting marine complex that is meant for the delicate skin around the eyes. It can also be applied on the upper or full face if required. The serum is pale yellow in colour and has a very light texture. It imparts a slight cooling feeling/sensation on application. The serum has to be applied after cleansing and moisturising and should not be massaged. You need to apply a thin layer gently around the eye area and let it dry. You will notice an instant firming effect. If you use it without a moisturiser the skin might feel a bit stretchy. So, it is best to apply the serum after moisturising.

Some of the key ingredients of the serum are Wakame Sea Kelp, Marine Plant Extract and Seaweed extract. It also contains Green Micro Algae Extract which is said to increase collage and other skin restructuring component levels. The instant firming effect that the serum imparts can be attributed to the presence of Pullulan (Algae Extract) which is a long lasting tightening material and also helps to shield the skin against oxidative stress. The cool feeling on application that I mentioned earlier is due to the presence of Organic Rosa Damascena which is known to be very soothing and cooling to the skin. Overall the list of marine and botanical ingredients in the serum is impressive and I guess all of these work together to offer instant and long term benefits to the skin.

I have to say I am impressed with the product so far. I have been using it twice a day mainly around my eye area and I can notice a difference in the skin's texture and tone. There is a suppleness and a firmness as well and it keeps the delicate eye area hydrated. I especially love using it in the night as it gives a cooling/soothing relief to tired eyes. While my dark circles haven't disappeared completely I am sure with long term usage the serum will impart more benefits. Overall, to sum it up - this works!

The Laser Treatment Clinic Ultimate Youth Lift(£29.00, 15ml) is a wonderful product that tackles general ageing concerns especially around the eye area. You can read more about the product and purchase it online on Laser Treatment Clinic's website.

1. Do not massage the serum - just gently pat it in and let it dry.
2. Always apply onto a moisturised face.

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