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Support Your Immune System with the Bimuno® IMMUNAID

PR sample | Contains affiliate links Around a month back I received some samples of Bimuno® IMMUNAID along with Bimuno® IBAID which ...

PR sample | Contains affiliate links

Around a month back I received some samples of Bimuno® IMMUNAID along with Bimuno® IBAID which I had recently written about here. Between myself and Mr.H, I have a stronger immune system, so it was decided that Mr.H would put these to test. Apart from this fact, another reason why he decided to put Bimuno® IMMUNAID to test was that he works in an office with more than 250 people. With so many people in one place and since we are in the midst of some unpredictable changing weather it is no surprise that someone or the other it the office is sick. So who better than him to test it? Mr. H has been taking the Bimuno® IMMUNAID pastilles for some time now and interestingly has not fallen sick even though one of his colleagues who sits at a desk near him has been plagued with sore throat and cough for a week now. As you must be aware it is very likely and easy to pick up a cold by touching contaminated surfaces like work desks, phones, files or even a pen. Considering that Mr.H has managed to stay cold free even in this scenario, maybe it is IMMUNAID at work! Who knows? So what exactly is Bimuno® IMMUNAID and how does it work?

Bimuno® IMMUNAID just like Bimuno® IBAID contains an unique and patented second generation prebiotic called Galacto-oligosaccharide. These help in encouraging and sustaining a healthy level of the ‘good’ bacteria found in our gut - the Bifidobacteria. Bimuno® IMMUNAID also contains Vitamin C which contributes to the normal functioning of our immune system.

The product works on two fronts - it helps maintain the gut health resulting in healthy levels of good bacteria. These good bacteria then ensure that the levels of bad bacteria are kept under control. This in turn helps our immune system to work at its optimum best keeping illnesses at bay. Just like IBAID, IMMUNAID also comes in the form of soft chewy pastilles. Both the products look similar and are devoid of any flavour. Mr.H is not fussy about the taste or lack of it as he is more keen on the products ability to do its job, which it seems to be doing rather well.

You can purchase Bimuno® IMMUNAID in-store in selected branches of Superdrug, Sainsbury's and Boots.

You can checkout Bimuno's Amazon store here.

As I always mention while talking about supplements, a supplement is never a replacement for a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle. But a little bit of 'help' to support your system and keep it in good working order is definitely worth a try. What do you think? Do you take any supplements for better health?

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